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fix stats paths
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rnewson committed Aug 29, 2014
1 parent 148093f commit be490465c1232bffe291d725d280bff003b584dc
Showing 2 changed files with 6 additions and 6 deletions.
@@ -1,12 +1,12 @@
{[dbcore, mem3, shard_cache, eviction], [
{[mem3, shard_cache, eviction], [
{type, counter},
{desc, <<"number of shard cache evictions">>}
{[dbcore, mem3, shard_cache, hit], [
{[mem3, shard_cache, hit], [
{type, counter},
{desc, <<"number of shard cache hits">>}
{[dbcore, mem3, shard_cache, miss], [
{[mem3, shard_cache, miss], [
{type, counter},
{desc, <<"number of shard cache misses">>}
@@ -158,14 +158,14 @@ handle_call(_Call, _From, St) ->
{noreply, St}.

handle_cast({cache_hit, DbName}, St) ->
couch_stats:increment_counter([dbcore, mem3, shard_cache, hit]),
couch_stats:increment_counter([mem3, shard_cache, hit]),
{noreply, St};
handle_cast({cache_insert, DbName, Shards}, St) ->
couch_stats:increment_counter([dbcore, mem3, shard_cache, miss]),
couch_stats:increment_counter([mem3, shard_cache, miss]),
{noreply, cache_free(cache_insert(St, DbName, Shards))};
handle_cast({cache_remove, DbName}, St) ->
couch_stats:increment_counter([dbcore, mem3, shard_cache, eviction]),
couch_stats:increment_counter([mem3, shard_cache, eviction]),
{noreply, cache_remove(St, DbName)};
handle_cast(_Msg, St) ->
{noreply, St}.

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