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Handle ct_run exit codes in R15B02 and later
Since R15B02, ct_run returns a non-zero exit code when some tests
failed or were auto-skipped. (See ticket OTP-9865.)

This fix makes it so a non-0 code doesn't cause an instant failure, but
still prompts for log verification before doing so. Given the behaviour
was acceptable for pre-R15B02, it should be valid with it with

The fix should also be backwards compatible.
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ferd committed Apr 19, 2013
1 parent 1a08367 commit bcc57e9b044678ab8769dd7e4272a137a0426a90
Showing 1 changed file with 22 additions and 4 deletions.
@@ -108,8 +108,16 @@ run_test(TestDir, LogDir, Config, _File) ->
" 2>&1 | tee -a " ++ RawLog

rebar_utils:sh(Cmd ++ Output, [{env,[{"TESTDIR", TestDir}]}]),
check_log(Config, RawLog).
case rebar_utils:sh(Cmd ++ Output, [{env,[{"TESTDIR", TestDir}]}, return_on_error]) of
{ok,_} ->
%% in older versions of ct_run, this could have been a failure
%% that returned a non-0 code. Check for that!
check_success_log(Config, RawLog);
{error,Res} ->
%% In newer ct_run versions, this may be a sign of a good compile
%% that failed cases. In older version, it's a worse error.
check_fail_log(Config, RawLog, Cmd ++ Output, Res)

clear_log(LogDir, RawLog) ->
case filelib:ensure_dir(filename:join(LogDir, "index.html")) of
@@ -124,7 +132,16 @@ clear_log(LogDir, RawLog) ->

%% calling ct with erl does not return non-zero on failure - have to check
%% log results
check_log(Config, RawLog) ->
check_success_log(Config, RawLog) ->
check_log(Config, RawLog, fun(Msg) -> ?CONSOLE("DONE.\n~s\n", [Msg]) end).

check_fail_log(Config, RawLog, Command, {Rc, Output}) ->
check_log(Config, RawLog, fun(_Msg) ->
?ABORT("~s failed with error: ~w and output:~n~s~n",
[Command, Rc, Output])

check_log(Config,RawLog,Fun) ->
{ok, Msg} =
rebar_utils:sh("grep -e 'TEST COMPLETE' -e '{error,make_failed}' "
++ RawLog, [{use_stdout, false}]),
@@ -142,9 +159,10 @@ check_log(Config, RawLog) ->

true ->
?CONSOLE("DONE.\n~s\n", [Msg])

%% Show the log if it hasn't already been shown because verbose was on
show_log(Config, RawLog) ->
?CONSOLE("Showing log\n", []),

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