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Links to the mailing list, issues page, and wiki are included,
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apply the changes **manually** to the source code. Do not use the code from
tarball (*out.tgz*) as it will have white-space changes applied by Erlang's pretty-printer.

Community and Resources

In case of problems that cannot be solved through documentation or examples, you may want to try to contact members of the community for help. The community is also where you want to go for questions about how to extend rebar, fill in bug reports, and so on.

The main place to go for questions is the [rebar mailing list]( If you need quick feedback, you can try the #rebar channel on []( Be sure to check the [wiki]( first, just to be sure you're not asking about things with well known answers.

For bug reports, roadmaps, and issues, visit the [github issues page](

General rebar community resources and links:

- [Rebar Mailing List](
- #rebar on [](
- [wiki](
- [issues](

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