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Updating docs for port_info/1-2 functions
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ferd committed Sep 21, 2013
1 parent c0dc2f3 commit 5a7d1da9828db09dd77c76a9ee1b080d9300567d
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%%% {@link sctp/0}, {@link files/0}, and {@link port_types/0} will
%%% list all the Erlang ports of a given type. The latter function
%%% prints counts of all individual types.</dd>
%%% <dd>Port state information can be useful to figure out why certain
%%% parts of the system misbehave. Functions such as
%%% {@link port_info/1} and {@link port_info/2} are wrappers to provide
%%% more similar or more details than `erlang:port_info/1-2', and, for
%%% inet ports, statistics and options for each socket.</dd>
%%% <dd>Finally, the functions {@link inet_count/2} and {@link inet_window/3}
%%% provide the absolute or sliding window functionality of
%%% {@link proc_count/2} and {@link proc_count/3} to inet ports

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