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ferd committed Nov 21, 2013
1 parent 5c58e50 commit 854237ea92f1a5060e6c055df3f9b7597189e319
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@@ -14,6 +14,39 @@ It is recommended that you use tags if you do not want bleeding edge and develop

Branches are organized by version. `master` contains the bleeding edge, `2.x`
contains all stable changes up to the latest release of v2, and `1.x` contains
all stable changes of the first version of Recon.


- 2.0.0:
- Test suite added
- Major rewrite of `recon_alloc`, thanks to Lukas Larsson. Things that changed include:
- `average_sizes/0` is renamed `average_block_sizes/1` and now takes
the keywords `current` and `max`.
- Documentation updates.
- `memory/1` has new options in `allocated_types` and `allocated_instances`.
- `memory/2` has been added, which allows to choose between `current` and
`max` values. `memory(Term)` is made equivalent to `memory(Term, current)`.
- Allow `sbcs_to_mbcs/0` to take the arguments `current` and `max`.
- Added unit conversion function `set_unit/1`, which allows to get the
`recon_alloc` results in bytes (default), kilobytes, megabytes, and
kilobytes, to help with readability.
- Updated the internal rebar version, if anybody were to use it.
- `recon:port_info/1` no longer includes the `parallelism` option by default
within the `meta` category as this would hurt backwards compatibility on
some installations.
- `recon:get_state/2` is added in order to specify timeouts.
`recon:get_state/1` keeps its 5000 milliseconds timeout.
- Addition of a fake attribute called `binary_memory`, which is callable in
`recon:info/2,4`, `recon:proc_count/2`, and `recon:proc_window/3`. This
attribute allows to fetch the amount of memory used by refc binaries for
a process, and to sort by that value for counts and windows.


- 1.2.0:
- add `recon_alloc:snapshot*` functions, which allow memory allocation
snapshots to be taken, saved on disk, reloaded, and analyzed on-demand.
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
{application, recon,
[{description, "Diagnostic tools for production use"},
{vsn, "1.2.0"},
{vsn, "2.0.0"},
{modules, [recon]},
{registered, []},
{applications, [kernel, stdlib]}]}.
@@ -193,6 +193,9 @@ info(PidTerm) ->
%% Although the type signature doesn't show it in generated documentation,
%% a list of arguments or individual arguments accepted by
%% `erlang:process_info/2' and return them as that function would.
%% A fake attribute `binary_memory' is also available to return the
%% amount of memory used by refc binaries for a process.
-spec info(pid_term(), info_type()) -> {info_type(), [{info_key(), term()}]}
; (pid_term(), [atom()]) -> [{atom(), term()}]
; (pid_term(), atom()) -> {atom(), term()}.

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