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Expand docs about what allocated contains and what pools are
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garazdawi committed Apr 23, 2014
1 parent 28daf8d commit 91e7245b54d1d30da6da68f74a87dd983194e249
Showing 1 changed file with 12 additions and 3 deletions.
@@ -189,7 +189,11 @@ memory(Key) -> memory(Key, current).
%% The memory reported by `allocated' should roughly
%% match what the OS reports. If this amount is different by a large margin,
%% it may be the sign that someone is allocating memory in C directly, outside
%% of Erlang's own allocator -- a big warning sign.
%% of Erlang's own allocator -- a big warning sign. There are currently
%% three sources of memory alloction that is not counted towards this value:
%% The cached segments in the mseg allocator, any memory allocated as a
%% super carrier and lastly small pieces of memory allocated during startup
%% before the memory allocators are initialized.
%% Also note that low memory usages can be the sign of fragmentation in
%% memory, in which case exploring which specific allocator is at fault
@@ -599,10 +603,15 @@ container_value(Props, Pos, mbcs = Type, Container)
when Pos == ?CURRENT_POS,
((Container =:= blocks) or (Container =:= blocks_size)
or (Container =:= carriers) or (Container =:= carriers_size))->
%% We include the mbcs pool into the value for mbcs
%% We include the mbcs_pool into the value for mbcs
%% The mbcs_pool contains carriers that have been abandoned
%% by the specific allocator instance and can therefore be
%% grabbed by another instance of the same type.
%% The pool was added in R16B02 and enabled by default in 17.0
%% See erts/emulator/internal_docs/ in
%% Erlang/OTP repo for more details.
Pool = case proplists:get_value(mbcs_pool, Props) of
PoolProps when PoolProps =/= undefined ->
%% Mbcs Pool stats only exist pool is enabled
element(Pos,lists:keyfind(Container, 1, PoolProps));
_ -> 0

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