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Fix broken link to the GitHub repository
Merge pull request #45 from roj1512/patch-1
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big-r81 committed Apr 25, 2022
2 parents cf27819 + 78954dc commit 70352a204152c8dd0675f5b898861f8218ba72ce
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@@ -298,7 +298,7 @@ <h3>

<li>&mdash; <a href="">CouchDB on GitHub</a></li>
<li>&mdash; <a href="">CouchDB on GitHub</a></li>
<li>&mdash; <a href="">GitHub Issues</a></li>
<li>&mdash; <a href="">(Inactive) Jira issues</a></li>
<li>&mdash; <a href="">Dev mailing list</a></li>

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