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Apache CouchDB NEWS
Version 0.8.0
This version is the first released under the patronage of the Apache
Software Foundation Incubator.
* Changed core licensing to the Apache License 2.0.
* Miscellaneous refactoring of the core Erlang database engine.
* Miscellaneous refactoring of the core Erlang view engine.
* Miscellaneous improvements to Futon, the web administration console.
* Miscellaneous improvements to the `couchdb` command.
* Database server can automatically respawn following a server crash.
* Database server no longer refuses to start with a stale PID file.
* System logrotate configuration provided.
* Improved handling of ICU shared libraries.
* Swapped out Erlang's inets HTTP server for the Mochiweb HTTP server.
Removed couch_httpd.ini in the process.
* Added support for incremental map/reduce view definitions.
* Changed database file format.
* Changed _design document syntax and view HTTP API to accommodate
incremental map/reduce.
* Changed format of bulk requests to reflect that they are now atomic.
* Renamed the `map()` function in view definitions to `emit()` to avoid
* Stripped the mime-type prefix from "Couch Query Server" entries in
* Added bits of awesome.
See for a more detailed
description of the changes.
Version 0.7.2
* Small changes to build process and `couchdb` command.
* Database server official port is now 5984 TCP/UDP instead of 8888.
Version 0.7.1
* Small compatibility issue with Firefox 3 fixed.
Version 0.7.0
* Infrastructure rewritten to use the GNU build system for portability.
* The built-in database browsing tool has been rewritten to provide a much
nicer interface for interacting directly with CouchDB from your web browser.
* XML and Fabric have been replaced with JSON and JavaScript for data
transport and View definitions.
Version 0.6.0
* A replication facility is now available.
* CouchPeek can now create, delete and view documents.
* Building from source is easier and less error prone.
Version 0.5.0
* A built-in CouchPeek utility.
* A full install kit buildable from a single command.
* A new GNU/Linux version is available. An OS X version is coming soon.
Version 0.4.0
* Non-existant variables are now nil lists.
* Couch error codes and messages are no longer sent in the HTTP fields,
instead they are exclusively returned in the XML body. This is to avoid HTTP
header parsing problems with oddly formed error messages.
* Returned error messages are now logged at the server at the `info` level to
make general debugging easier.
* Fixed a problem where big table builds caused timesout errors.
* Lots of changes in the low level machinery. Most formulas will continue to
function the same.
* Added full compiler support for extended characters in formula source.
* Support for Perl/Ruby like regular expressions.
* Added `total_rows` and `result_start` attributes to tables.
Version 0.3.0
* CouchDB now fully supports Unicode and locale specific collation via the ICU
library, both in the Fabric engine and computed tables.
* The `in` operator has been added to Fabric.
* The `startdoc` query string variable specifies the starting document to use if
there are multiple rows with identical startkeys.
* The `skip` query string variable specifies the number of rows to skip before
returning results. The `skip` value must be a positive integer. If used with
a `count` variable the skipped rows aren't counted as output.
* Various changes to the output XML format.
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