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Force build of THANKS.gz every time

Use a PHONY target to force this build step on every invocation of Make.
Ideally we'd be able to detect when a commit has been made but this is a
quick hack that's correct but rebuilds it unecessarily.
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1 parent 6a631fc commit 07a3406b456ac4447768c236db5fdb020f94017e @davisp davisp committed Jun 17, 2012
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@@ -78,6 +78,7 @@ NOTICE.gz: $(top_srcdir)/NOTICE
README.gz: $(top_srcdir)/README
-gzip -9 < $< > $@
THANKS.gz: $(top_srcdir)/THANKS
@sed -e '/^#.*/d' $< > $(top_builddir)/THANKS.tmp
@git shortlog -se 6c976bd..HEAD \

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