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corrected capitalisation of JavaScript

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1 parent e9ec46d commit 76c62834d36aa0ad2da97aaa582198bfb4b6c547 @nslater nslater committed Aug 18, 2008
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@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ HTTP Interface:
* CouchDB can now be bound to IPv6 addresses.
* The HTTP `Server` header now contains the versions of CouchDB and Erlang.
-Javascript View Server:
+JavaScript View Server:
* Sealing of documents has been disabled due to an incompatibility with
SpiderMonkey 1.9.
@@ -103,13 +103,13 @@ HTTP Interface:
* The status code of responses to `DELETE` requests is now 200 to reflect that
that the deletion is performed synchronously.
-Javascript View Server:
+JavaScript View Server:
* SpiderMonkey is no longer included with CouchDB, but rather treated as a
normal external dependency. A simple C program (`_couchjs`) is provided that
links against an existing SpiderMonkey installation and uses the interpreter
embedding API.
- * View functions using the default Javascript view server can now do logging
+ * View functions using the default JavaScript view server can now do logging
using the global `log(message)` function. Log messages are directed into the
CouchDB log at `INFO` level. (COUCHDB-59)
* The global `map(key, value)` function made available to view code has been
@@ -146,4 +146,4 @@ Futon Utility Client:
* Fixed portential double encoding of document IDs and other URI segments in
many instances. (COUCHDB-39)
* Improved display of attachments.
- * The Javascript Shell has been removed due to unresolved licensing issues.
+ * The JavaScript Shell has been removed due to unresolved licensing issues.

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