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Add line about instructions on how to use `make dev`. Patch by Michae…

…l Hendricks. Thanks.

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1 parent c2dba23 commit beedd6826a270916db5f8e3cf4feca6416cdec9c @janl janl committed Nov 2, 2008
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@@ -39,7 +39,8 @@ THANKS.gz: $(top_srcdir)/THANKS
dev: all
@echo "This command is intended for developers to use;"
@echo "it creates development ini files as well as a"
- @echo "$(top_srcdir)/tmp structure for development runtime files"
+ @echo "$(top_srcdir)/tmp structure for development runtime files."
+ @echo "Use ./utils/run to launch CouchDB from the source tree."
mkdir -p $(top_srcdir)/tmp/lib
mkdir -p $(top_srcdir)/tmp/log
mkdir -p $(top_srcdir)/tmp/run

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