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@@ -283,9 +283,7 @@ To build on Windows, you will need the following installed:
Please note:
* When installing Erlang, you must build it from source. The CouchDB build
- makes use of a number of the Erlang build scripts. While using an Erlang
- binary should work, if these Erlang build scripts cannot be found, the
- CouchDB build itself will break.
+ makes use of a number of the Erlang build scripts.
* When installing ICU, select the binaries built with Visual Studio 2008.
@@ -294,59 +292,34 @@ Please note:
* When installing libcurl, be sure to install by hand as the Cygwin binaries
are built with an incompatible compiler and will not work with Erlang.
-Build Environment
+Setting Up
Once you have satisfied the dependencies you should run:
set CYGWIN=nontsec
Close and restart all Cygwin terminals for this to take effect globally.
-Execute the VC .bat files to setup your environment such that cl.exe etc are
-on your path. Start a cygwin shell.
-Check your environment:
- * which link -> should point at the MS linker.
- * which cl -> should point at the MS compiler.
-If you are building from a source version of erlang:
- Executing "eval `./otp_build env_win32`" as per the Erlang build
- instructions, will have set everything up, including the CC, LD etc
- variables. Do this even if erlang is already built and you are just
- building couch. This will have set the variables ERL_TOP, CC, LD, AD
- and a number of others.
- Then, PATH must be adjusted such what 'which erl' lists the erl.exe
- you built rather than the 'erl' script in the erts/etc/win32/cygwin_tools
- directory - eg:
- $ export PATH=$ERL_TOP/release/win32/erts-5.7.2/bin:$PATH
+To set up your environment, run the following command:
-If you are building from a binary version of erlang:
+ vcvars32.bat
- * set ERL_TOP to the top of the erlang directory
+After you have done this, `link.exe` and `cl.exe` should be on your path and
+correspond to the Microsoft linker and compiler, respectively.
- Add to the PATH such that 'which erl' points at your erl.exe - eg:
+To set up your environment, run the following command:
- $ export PATH=$ERL_TOP/erts-5.6.5/bin
+ eval `./otp_build env_win32`
- You must also ensure the etc scripts from the Erlang source tree is
- on your PATH. Use "which" to ensure the path is set correctly.
+Do this even if you have already built Erlang because the CouchDB build system
+needs the environment variables set up by this script.
- Then set more variables:
- $ export
- $ export
- $ export
- $ export
+To set up your path, run the following command:
-Set COUCHDB_TOP to the source directory.
+ export PATH=$ERL_TOP/release/win32/erts-5.7.2/bin:$PATH
-And we should be ready to bootstrap and build.
+Everything should be set up to build CouchDB.

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