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Add some more Futon bits to NEWS.

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@@ -18,6 +18,18 @@ Futon Utility Client:
* Added pagination to the database listing page.
* Implemented attachment uploading from the document page.
+ * Added page that shows the current configuration, and allows modification of
+ option values.
+ * Added a JSON "source view" for document display.
+ * JSON data in view rows is now syntax highlighted.
+ * Removed the use of an iframe for better integration with browser history and
+ bookmarking.
+ * Full database listing in the sidebar has been replaced by a short list of
+ recent databases.
+ * The view editor now allows selection of the view language if there is more
+ than one configured.
+ * Added links to go to the raw view or document URL.
+ * Added status page to display currently running tasks in CouchDB.
* JavaScript test suite split into multiple files.
* Pagination for reduce views.

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