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- Add note that reading & following INSTALL.Unix|Windows is a
  prerequisite for reading and following DEVELOPERS
- remove duplicate dependency installations
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@@ -1,6 +1,10 @@
+Before you start here, read `INSTALL.Unix` (or `INSTALL.Windows`) and
+follow the setup instructions including the installation of all the
+listed dependencies for your system.
Only follow these instructions if you are building from a source checkout.
If you're unsure what this means, ignore this document.
@@ -39,18 +43,12 @@ However, you do not need them if:
* You are building from a distribution archive, or
* You don't care about building the documentation
-Debian-based (inc. Ubuntu) Systems
-You can install the required dependencies by running:
- sudo apt-get install libtool
- sudo apt-get install automake
- sudo apt-get install autoconf
- sudo apt-get install autoconf-archive
- sudo apt-get install pkg-config
+Here is a list of *optional* dependencies for various operating systems.
+Installation will be easiest, when you install them all.
-Optional dependencies:
+Debian-based (inc. Ubuntu) Systems
sudo apt-get install help2man
sudo apt-get install python-sphinx
@@ -64,14 +62,11 @@ Optional dependencies:
Gentoo-based Systems
- sudo emerge autoconf
- sudo emerge autoconf-archive
sudo emerge texinfo
sudo emerge gnupg
sudo emerge coreutils
sudo emerge pkgconfig
sudo emerge help2man
- sudo emerge automake
sudo USE=latex emerge sphinx
RedHat-based (Fedora, Centos, RHEL) Systems
@@ -93,14 +88,6 @@ Install Homebrew, if you do not have it already:
-You can install the required dependencies by running:
- brew install libtool
- brew install automake
- brew install autoconf
- brew install autoconf-archive
- brew install pkg-config
Unless you want to install the optional dependencies, skip to the next section.
Install what else we can with Homebrew:
@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ You can install the dependencies by running:
sudo apt-get install libicu-dev
sudo apt-get install libmozjs-dev
sudo apt-get install libcurl4-openssl-dev
+ sudo apt-get install pkg-config
There are lots of Erlang packages. If there is a problem with your install, try
a different mix. There is more information on the wiki. Additionally, you might
@@ -98,6 +99,7 @@ You can install the dependencies by running:
sudo yum install libicu-devel
sudo yum install js-devel
sudo yum install curl-devel
+ sudo yum install pkg-config
While CouchDB builds against the default js-devel-1.7.0 included in some
distributions, it's recommended to use a more recent js-devel-1.8.5.
@@ -117,6 +119,7 @@ You can install the other dependencies by running:
brew install icu4c
brew install spidermonkey
brew install curl
+ brew install pkg-config
You will need Homebrew installed to use the `brew` command.

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