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Tried to add clarity to documentation for view function #7

wants to merge 1 commit into from

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I couldn't figure out how to use the view function until I read the source and saw that it was splitting on "/", so I tried to add this to the docs.



Apache projects don't work with pull requests. Github is just a read-only mirror of the official subversion repository.
Issues should be reported through Jira:

And btw, the patch seems correct to me.
Thanks :)

Grumble grumble!
I can't figure out how to submit a patch. I guess I will create an issue and pastie the patch.

Apache -1 for not using github!



Sorry this has been lingering here for so long!

Until very recently, this wasn't an official way to contribute back to Apache CouchDB.

May we kindly request that you check whether this is still an issue and update the PR accordingly?

We are now prepared and more than happy to accept pull requests :)


dch commented

@mikeymckay many thanks, got merged today :/. Apologies for the delay!

Can you close the PR please, it won't happen automatically unfortunately.


Thanks! There are a bunch of very similar documentation issues just like this. If I find time I can create some more pull requests for them,.

@mikeymckay mikeymckay closed this
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  1. +2 −1  share/www/script/jquery.couch.js
3  share/www/script/jquery.couch.js
@@ -861,7 +861,8 @@
* uploads/all/documentation/couchbase-api-design.html#couchbase-api-
* design_db-design-designdoc-view-viewname_get">docs for /db/
* _design/design-doc/_list/l1/v1</a>
- * @param {String} name View to run list against
+ * @param {String} name View to run list against (string should have
+ * the design-doc name followed by a slash and the view name)
* @param {ajaxSettings} options <a href="
* jQuery.ajax/#jQuery-ajax-settings">jQuery ajax settings</a>
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