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Apache CXF Fediz 1.0.3 Release Notes
1. Overview
The 1.0.x versions of Apache CXF Fediz provide the following features:
* WS-Federation 1.0/1.1/1.2
* SAML 1.1/2.0 Tokens
* Custom token support
* Publish WS-Federation Metadata document
* Role information encoded as AttributeStatement in SAML 1.1/2.0 tokens
* Claims information provided by FederationPrincipal interface
2. Installation Prerequisites
Before installing Apache CXF Fediz, make sure the following products,
with the specified versions, are installed on your system:
* Java 6 or 7 Development Kit
* Apache Maven 2.2.1 or 3.x to build the samples
3. Installation Procedures
Follow the Getting Started instructions at for information
on installing the Fediz IDP and IDP STS.
4. Building the Samples
Building the samples included in the binary distribution is easy. Change to
the examples directory and follow the build instructions in the README.txt file
included with each sample.
5. Replacing provided keystores
The sample keystores provided are fine for development and prototyping use
but make sure to replace them for any production use, see
see examples/samplekeys/HowToGenerateKeysREADME.html for key generation
6. Reporting Problems
If you have any problems or want to send feedback of any kind, please e-mail the
CXF user list, You can also file issues in JIRA at:
7. Migration notes:
8. Specific issues, features, and improvements fixed in this version
Release Notes - CXF-Fediz - Version 1.0.4
New Feature
[FEDIZ-52] - Support wauth parameter in initial request to RP
[FEDIZ-53] - Browser can pass the home realm to the Fediz plugin
Release Notes - CXF-Fediz - Version 1.0.3
[FEDIZ-40] - Can CXF Fediz IDP & RP work with SAML1.1 ?
[FEDIZ-45] - Do not convert a SAML Attribute with an empty AttributeValue into a Role
[FEDIZ-49] - Support using wfresh parameter in the IdP for TTL
[FEDIZ-14] - Make the TokenReplayCache implementation configurable in the Fediz configuration
[FEDIZ-31] - Fix example package structure
[FEDIZ-44] - Rename IDP + STS wars to use hypens (fediz-idp + fediz-idp-sts) and update documentation
[FEDIZ-48] - Support wfresh properly in the IdP
[FEDIZ-42] - Upgrade to use CXF 2.6.6
[FEDIZ-35] - Allow to use a custom CXF bus for IdpSTSClient
Release Notes - CXF-Fediz - Version 1.0.2
** Bug
* [FEDIZ-26] - SAMLTokenValidator throws a NPE when an Attribute of the Assertion does not have a NameFormat
** Improvement
* [FEDIZ-18] - Make supported claims configurable in FileClaimsHandler
* [FEDIZ-20] - IDP should maintain authentication state
* [FEDIZ-17] - Current Fediz STS exposes SOAP 1.1 end point
* [FEDIZ-25] - Look for fediz_config.xml in catalina base too
** New Feature
* [FEDIZ-30] - Relying Party can enforce re-authentication using wfresh parameter
* [FEDIZ-28] - Logout capability in IDP
** Task
* [FEDIZ-29] - Migrate to CXF 2.6.3
** Test
Release Notes - CXF-Fediz - Version 1.0.1
** Bug
* [FEDIZ-24] - maximumClockSkew is not optional
** Improvement
* [FEDIZ-22] - Improved support for other claims encoding in SAML attributes
** New Feature
** Task
** Test
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