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Refactored TDML Runner for Cross Validation with IBM.
Renamed daffodil-tdml to daffodil-tdml-lib. This is the
shared part of the TDML implementation that is usable by both
Daffodil's TDML processor (in daffodil-tdml-processor module), or
runners for other DFDL implementations.

Also fixed other minor bugs that were in the way of this.
DAFFODIL-2014 - TextBidi property name was misspelled.
DAFFODIL-2015 - accept textStandardOutputCharacter (legacy prop name)
DAFFODIL-1616 - textOutputMinLength required when it shouldn't be.

TDML Runner now implements everything it does in terms of an abstract
DFDL processor defined in the tdml.processor package.

There are a number of sweeping changes in this that change many files.

First: Added explicit xs:include of DFDLGeneralFormat.dfdl.xsd to all
TDML. The Daffodil TDML runner used to implicitly include
DFDLGeneralFormat.dfdl.xsd. Now that we're cross testing, tests won't
necessarily want to do this, so it has to be done explicitly.

Second: The namespace prefixes in the root elements in many of our test
cases were not correct. Those had to be uniformly fixed so that tests
can insist on the proper namespace in result data.
These were wrong because the comparison logic in the test rig was
tolerating them being incorrect, but as part of making the TDML runner
into a viable cross-testing rig, these things are being tightened up.
The root element named by a test must match that of the infoset element.
(in fact the root element declaration is unnecessary, as the root will
be taken from the infoset's root element.

The TDML module's code has changed significantly.

The daffodil-tdml module has been split into daffodil-tdml
and daffodil-tdml-processor. The latter has dependencies on all of
daffodil. The former is independent of most of daffodil so that it can be
used with an IBM-based implementation of the tdml processor class
(Which is defined separately and outside of Daffodil's code base.)

Yes, this is yet another API for Daffodil, but it is narrower and not as
comprehensive as the SAPI/JAPI stuff. It's only and exactly what the
TDML runner uses to drive tests.

The TDML processors are always dynamically loaded from the classpath
(even Daffodil's own - just to insure we're always testing this
mechanism.) This allows one to change which processor is used by changing the
classpath, and avoids a static dependency from the daffodil-tdml module on
the daffodil-tdml-processor module.

Enable TDMLDFDLProcessors to force skip of left-over-data checking.

Moved all the IBM contributed tests to the daffodil-test-ibm1 module
out of the daffodil-test module. There were redundant tests being run in
both places. Probably this was due to an ambitious QA effort to
reorganize the IBM-supplied tests to determine requirements coverage on
the DFDL Specification, along with the Daffodil-project tests... I mean
why have more than one test for a given requirement. However, this was
not done right - moving the tests from one place to another - instead
tests were left in both places. So I have moved all the tests that use
the files supplied orignally by IBM back to the daffodil-test-ibm1

So there is no longer any ibm-tests subdir of the daffodil-test module.

(Reminder: IBM supplied these a long time ago, and they are fully
approved for inclusion into Daffodil, with ASF licensing, etc. There is
no issue of source code origins here. )

Modify daffodil-test-ibm1 module to run most tests on IBM_DFDL also.

Properties were added that are required by IBM DFDL and other properties
changed: E.g.,

choiceLengthKind='implicit' (also added to DFDLGeneralFormat.dfdl.xsd)
binaryNumberCheckPolicy="lax" (ditto)

This obsolete property had to be removed from our


Quite a lot of the tests in daffodil-test-ibm1 pass when run on
IBM_DFDL. Some fail.

A few tests have been modified to specify daffodil only because they use
features only in Daffodil (like hidden groups and calculated values).

The failures are mixture of unexpected infoset contents (much around
calendars with timezone Z vs. "+00:00".

There are other tests that appear to be places where IBM DFDL and
daffodil have fundamentally different behavior that needs

The runner.trace method works and will invoke the IBM_DFDL trace
facility when running tests via IBM_DFDL. This is needed to get more
than just "parse failed" from it.

A couple of other minor things.

Fixed test regression in test_alignmentPaddingOVC4.

This test shows that when textOutputMinLength and an explicit length
constant are inconsistent, we still get a warning anyway.

Removed test dateBinPacked3.

This test was only checking that binaryNumberCheckPolicy was not
defined, but it now is defined for IBM compatibility reasons, in the

Made some test runners lazy - that was causing warnings in unrelated
test files that were confusing.

Get rid of xsi:schemaLocation that are generating annoying warnings.

Fix missing namespace prefixes for xsi:type="xs:int" also.

Specify ibm and daffodil implementations or just daffodil.

Change encodingErrorPolicy to 'error' in ibm-centric test file.

Modified build.sbt to show how to edit to quickly switch to using the
IBM DFDL cross test rig.

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