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Replace instances of with
- Update package names to be org.apache.daffodil. This breaks API
  backwards compatibility, but only requires a small change to update
  imports and our user base is relatively small right now, so this
  should not affect too many people.
- Add new xml 'daf' namespace for Backwards
  compatibility is maintained with the previous namespace, and provides
  a pattern for adding new namespace versions for when that may be
  needed. All tests are updated to use the new namespace.
- Some external schema files might reference built-in-formats.xsd in an
  xs:include tag, using the old edu/illinos/ncsa/ directory structure.
  Backwards compatability is maintained by automatically replacing and
  schemaLocations to edu/illinois/ncsa/daffodil/ with
  org/apache/daffodil. A warning id displaying saying the path is

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stevedlawrence committed Feb 8, 2018
1 parent ebb1987 commit bf35b44093a8dc9c1aa7582e78b4c29ecd81abbb
Showing 903 changed files with 4,655 additions and 4,626 deletions.