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Add instructions for local MR-jar testing
Verified that the C/I tests actually do make use of the ``
package for memory-mapped files. Removing the runtime JPMS flag for
this package from Surefire results in a warning, since the tests
use the classpath and not the module path.  Using the module path
in the tests would require a local `` in the tests,
which would present problems for Java8.

Using Datasketches Memory for memory-mapped in a JPMS-enabled user
application requires explicit opens access to the `` package
otherwise the user application will exit with a hard failure instead
of a warning.
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davecromberge committed Aug 18, 2021
1 parent 963d5ba commit b61e9162693bdbe5eefe81e2a6cf8c5a5756dd55
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@@ -92,6 +92,10 @@ To run javadoc on this multi-module project, use:

$ mvn clean process-classes javadoc:javadoc -DskipTests=true

To run the CI tests against the multi-release JAR for specific JVM versions [9-13], use:

$ mvn clean package -Denvironment=ci -Dmatrix.jdk.version=9

To run the eclipse plugin on this multi-module project, use:

$ mvn clean process-classes eclipse:eclipse -DskipTests=true

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