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Fix 2 issues found during review.
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leerho committed Aug 10, 2021
1 parent 25ef76b commit edc2003e5ecc500a711416a42cd8890a97670655
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@@ -412,6 +412,7 @@ public void testIllegalFill() {
public void checkWritableWrap() {
ByteBuffer bb = ByteBuffer.allocate(16);
WritableBuffer buf = WritableBuffer.writableWrap(bb, ByteOrder.nativeOrder(), null);
buf = WritableBuffer.writableWrap(bb, ByteOrder.nativeOrder(), new DefaultMemoryRequestServer());
@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@ private static final String zeroPad(final String s, final int fieldLength) {
* @param s the given string
* @param fieldLength the desired field length
* @param padChar the desired pad character
* @param postpend if true append the pacCharacters to the end of the string.
* @param postpend if true append the padCharacters to the end of the string.
* @return prepended or postpended given string with the given character to fill the given field
* length.

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