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Fix reference to file that is no longer available.
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leerho committed May 25, 2021
1 parent b496f93 commit b868f57b5b4db10f68c8cb0b965287c0e7e0c1f4
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@@ -84,7 +84,7 @@ The following are used to create the plots above.
* [DSQsketch profiler](
* [DSQsketch K256 config](
* [DSQsketch K32 config](
* [StreamA Data file]( This is stored using git-lfs.
* StreamA Data file: (sorry this file is no longer available.)

Run the above profilers as a java application and supply the config file as the single argument. The program will check if the data file has been unzipped, and if not it will unzip it for you.

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