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This is not live yet.
To look at the website:
* check it out locally: git clone
* run `mvn clean compile`
* in your checked out workspace, open the file `db-site\target\site\index.html` in your favorite web browser.

* Fix .htaccess -> `RewriteBase`
* Fix .asf.yaml.publish -> `subdir`
* Fix .asf.yaml -> `notifications`
* Enable/use Actions
* Recreate-site-branch
* Anything else?
* Ask for a review of the main page for required Apache links
* Proof reading

# Apache DB Website

This repository contains the sources for the [Apache DB website](
@@ -26,14 +9,12 @@ It is built using [Maven](
For details on publishing the site see section [Publishing the Site](#publishing-the-site).

The site can be built by calling `mvn clean compile`. This generates the HTML files in `target/site`.
Most of the site will work with the exception of the javadoc file downloads.
If needed, call `mvn package`. This copies the javadoc files to `target/site`.
The site can then be viewed by opening the local file `target/site/index.html` in a browser.

## Contributing to the Site

Contributions to the website are always appreciated.
If you are new to this project, please have a look at our [mailing losts]( page first.
If you are new to this project, please have a look at our [mailing lists]( page first.

This repository contains the Apache DB website source.

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