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0.5.0 - 2012-01-05
* add display of storage volumes to instance view
* add way to change provider in HTML UI when applicable (JIRA 105)
* fix attach volume form in HTML UI
* fix incorrect handling of REQUEST_PATH (affects platforms like passenger)
* support dynamically generated provider lists for /api/drivers/:id
* create image: report correct URL in Location header
* fix parameter validation error when switching drivers (BZ 750920)
* create instance: validate hardware properties
* incredibly experimental support for DMTF CIMI
( If you run the server with --cimi and
it breaks, you get to keep both pieces
* various client fixes
* deltacloudd: add --webrick to force use of WEBRick
* Drivers
+ EC2
- fetch available regions via DescribeRegions
- add ap-northeast-1, sa-east-1 and us-west-2 regions
- fix bucket creation when client specifies 'us-east-1' region
(BZ 725646)
- t1.micro HWP is available for 32 and 64 bit (JIRA 95)
- improvements for launching multiple instances (JIRA 79)
+ Google storage
- fix blob metadata listing
- properly validate credentials
+ Mock
- support storgae_volume create/delete
- fix m1-large HWP to use integral memory size
+ OpenStack
- new driver
+ Rackspace
- correctly report bucket size
- data centers are now treated as completely separate regions. For a
given provider URL, only the clusters for one datacenter are
- fix deleting VMs (JIRA 110)
- preserve details about backend errors
- create instance: choose image realm when none is specified (JIRA 126)
- better error msg when floppyinject is not installed (BZ 765855)
- correctly return the realm for /api/realms/:id (JIRA 106)
+ vSphere
- fix internal error in reporting of instance addresses
- find objects (VMs etc.) even for datastores that are in nested
folders (Alfredo Moralejo)
- HWP: replace effectiveMemory with hardcoded values (JIRA 123)
- Reboot of a VM now does a RebootGuest rather than ResetVM_Task
0.4.1 - 2011-10-04
* change how dependencies are managed: canonical deps are now in the
* clarify how user_data injection should work; make sure all drivers
accept base64 encoded data and make the decoded version available to
* fix URL generation so that server works when run behind a reverse proxy
* init script: honor defaults from sysconfig file
* init script: fix 'status', properly background deltacloudd
* deltacloudd: support verbose option
* Drivers:
+ Condor
- use UUIDTools instead of UUID to simplify deps
+ Google
- new driver for Google storage API
- treat status as case-insensitive
- inject data through a virtual floppy rather than modifying
the instance storage directly
+ vSphere
- report minimum of max memory across all hosts in a data center, so
that instances can be placed on any host
- user_data is placed in file 'deltacloud-user-data.txt'
* fix parsing of enums in HWP properties
* fix handling of float value for number of vCPU in HWP
0.4.0 - 2011-08-12
* deltacloudd: new option --drivers to list all drivers
* deltacloudd: new options --ssl, --ssl-key and --ssl-cert to
enable HTTPS support
* deltacloudd: new option -d to daemonize server, --user and --pid to
control the user server runs as and where pid file goes
* API entrypoint reports features in JSON
* unify response behavior: any operation returning a 201 Created also
sets the Location header to point to the new resource; ensure the
status for an operation is the same regardless of output format
* Add type to public addresses; type can be one of 'ipv4', 'mac', 'vnc',
and 'hostname'
* Complete overhaul of the HTML UI, now uses jquery-mobile
* Response status for attach/detach storage is now 202 (instead of 302)
* Response status for get/set blob metadata is 204 No Content
* Response status for (un)register with load balancer is 204 No Content
* The user_name feature now reports the permissible length of the name
as the 'max_length' constraint
* Add Date header to responses as per RFC 2616
* New collection 'firewalls' for managing sets of firewalling rules
* split server/config/drivers.yaml into individual files so each driver
can be packaged separately; gives deployers better choice of what
drivers they want enabled
* new rake task 'routes' that prints all server routes
* Numerous bug fixes and improvements to the test suite
* Drivers
+ Condor
- new driver to run a simple cloud based on the Condor grid scheduler
+ EC2
- Fix bug in reboot instance so that the details returned are those
of the stopped instance, not some random instance
- Support getting and updating blob metadata
- support destroying images
- support firewalls (security groups)
- do not support user_name anymore; instance tagging is too fragile
in EC2 to be used reliably for this
- do not support registering an instance with a load balancer upon
creation anymore
- stream blob PUT to backend (requires thin)
- support attaching EBS snapshot to instance upon creation (feature
- support elastic IP's
+ Eucalyptus
- support firewalls (security groups)
- support elastic IP's
+ Gogrid
- when retrieving single realm, make sure we return the right one
- correctly capture load_balancer params
- report a listener if load_balancer has no instances
+ Mock
- support destroying images
- split into driver and client to make the code clearer; this should
help driver writers in understanding what a driver must do
+ Rackspace
- support destroying images
- stream blob PUT to backend (requires thin)
- support creating and destroying images
- report VNC address of instances
- can use Audrey's confserver to fetch IP of an instance
+ vSphere
- turns a VMWare vSphere installation into a cloud
- driver stateless, state is stored in vSphere's data store in
'deltacloud' folder
- images are template VM's
- single HWP, whose max_cpu and max_memory are based on available
cpus and memory across all vSphere hosts
- support data injection via user_data and user_iso (upload entire
ISO image) For both, instance gets virtual CD-ROM with injected
* make authentication info for instances available
* retrieve type and address for public addresses of an instance
* deltacloudc: allow specifying bucket location when creating a bucket
* Major rewrite of REST API docs, covers the entire API now
* Add libdeltacloud API docs
* Add Incubator logo and disclaimer to all pages
0.3.0 - 2011-04-01
* Dynamic driver switching: select driver on a per-request basis; new
toplevel 'drivers' collection describing drivers supported by server
* Create images from running instances (EC2, Mock, GoGrid, Rackspace);
advertised as action 'create_image' in instance details when possible
* New 'user_files' feature for create_instance to advertise RAX-style
injection of user data
* Return status 204 after successful DELETE operation
* Return status 401 when authentication fails because of invalid
* Blobs: support user metadata as key/value pairs passed through
X-Deltacloud-Blobmeta-KEY: VALUE headers
* Support HEAD requests to retrieve the operations and methods supported
by a collection
* Support for OPTIONS request to retrieve optional and required
parameters for operations
* Advertise 'create_instance' action for each image
* Drivers
+ EC2
- instance_count feature to allow creating multiple instances at once
- run commands inside an insance via ssh
- by default, list images owned by 'amazon', when passing in empty
owner_id, list _all_ images (thousands)
+ Eucalyptus
- new driver for Eucalyptus (Sang-Min Park)
+ Gogrid
- run commands inside an insance via ssh
- allow creating sandbox instances
+ Rackspace
- report root password after instance creation
- new driver for IBM SBC cloud (Eric Woods)
* run: new method to run commands via ssh
* drivers: list drivers supported by server
* properly list blobs in a bucket when showing bucket details
* full support for managing blobs and buckets
0.2.0 - 2011-01-25
* Dynamically select driver through the X-Deltacloud-Driver HTTP header;
allow passing in driver-specific endpoint with the
X-Deltacloud-Provider header
* New 'load_balancers' collection, supported for EC2 and GoGrid
* Support 'keys' collection in Mock driver
* Allow creation/deletion of blobs (S3, CloudFiles, Azure)
* Return HTTP status 405 when trying to perform an action on a instance
that is not available
* Drivers
+ EC2
- security_group and public_ip features for instance creation
- switched to aws gem
+ GoGrid: now have two hardware profiles
+ RHEV-M: completely rewritten; now uses RHEV-M REST API, not Powershell
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