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# Deltacloud Client (Ruby)

The Deltacloud project includes a Ruby client.  Other language-bindings
are possible and will be supported soon.  The client aims to insulate
users from having to deal with HTTP and REST directly.

Each resource type has an associated model to ease usage.  Where
resource reference other resources, natural navigation across the
object model is possible.

For example

    puts instance.hardware_profile.architecture

## Basics

To use the client, you must require `deltacloud`.

    require 'deltacloud'

## Connecting to a Deltacloud provider

    require 'deltacloud'

    api_url      = 'http://localhost:3001/api'
    api_name     = 'mockuser'
    api_password = 'mockpassword'

    client = api_name, api_password, api_url )

    # work with client here

In addition to creating a client, operations may occur within a block
included on the initialization api_name, api_password, api_url ) do |client|
      # work with client here

In the event of a failure, any underlying HTTP transport exceptions
will be thrown all the way out to the caller.

## Listing realms

You may retrieve a complete list of realms available to you

    realms = client.realms

You may retrieve a specific realm by its identifier

    realm = client.realm( 'us' )

## Listing hardware profiles

You may retrieve a complete list of hardware profiles available for launching

    hwp = client.hardware_profiles

You may filter hardware profiles by architecture

    flavors = client.hardware_profiles( :architecture=>'x86_64' )

You may retrieve a specific hardware profile by its identifier

    flavor = client.hardware_profile( 'm1-small' )

## Listing images

You may retrieve a complete list of images

    images = client.images

You may retrieve a list of images owned by the currently authenticated

    images = client.images( :owner_id=>:self )

You may retrieve a list of images visible to you but owned by a specific

    images = client.images( :owner_id=>'daryll' )

You may retrieve a specific image by its identifier

    image = client.image( 'ami-8675309' )

## Listing instances

You may retrieve a list of all instances visible to you

    instances = client.instances

You may retrieve a specific instance by its identifier

    instance = client.instance( 'i-90125' )

## Launching instances

An instance may be launched using just an image identifier

    image = client.image( 'ami-8675309' )
    instance = client.create_instance( )

Optionally, a flavor or realm may be specified

    instance = client.create_instance(, :flavor=>'m1-small', :realm=>'us' )

## Manipulating instances

Given an instance, depending on its state, various actions _may_ be available.

To determine what's available, the `instance#actions` method may be used.

    instance.actions # [ 'reboot', 'stop' ]

For a valid action, the method matching the action with an exclamation point may be called.


Upon invoking an action, the instance will refresh its contents, in case the state has changed.
To determine later if the state has changed again, the instance must be refetched using
the `client.instance(...)` method.

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