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These tests use RestClient [https://github.com/archiloque/rest-client] to make
requests to a deltacloud server running somewhere. The requests/tests are meant
 to exercise all the REST routes defined in the API
[http://deltacloud.apache.org/rest-api.html]. At minimum you need to configure
the tests with the location of the deltacloud server to be tested, as well as
the credentials for the driver you expect to be running at that deltacloud server.
 Otherwise you'll see a RunTime error like:

"No user or password in config.yaml for openstack driver used by

RUNNING the tests:

* Need a deltacloud server running somewhere
* edit the config.yaml file (more on this below)
* rake test:deltacloud to run all tests
* rake test:deltacloud:COLLECTION to run a specific collection test, or 'base_api'
  for just the API tests.... e.g. rake test:deltacloud:buckets, rake
  test:deltacloud:base_api, rake test:deltacloud:images
* more verbose output is achieved by passing TEST_OPTS="-v", e.g.
  rake test:deltacloud TEST_OPTS="-v"
* you can use your own config.yaml by passing it via the CONFIG variable to the
  rake task:
  rake test:deltacloud:buckets CONFIG="/some/where/config.yaml" TEST_OPTS="-v"

CONFIGURATION - the config.yaml file:

* a space between colon and value is mandatory
* api_url - set this to the URI for the running deltacloud server
* each driver has its own section... enter credentials for the driver
  you expect to be running at api_url. If there is no section for your driver,
  add it - the section should have the name used by the deltacloud server for that
  driver. For example for the rhevm driver:

api_url: "http://localhost:3003/api"
  user: "mockuser"
  password: "mockpassword"
#this is a comment
  user: "username"
  password: "mypassword"

* running the instances collection tests involves launching instances. The image,
  realm and hardware profile used to launch those instances are chosen at random
  from the returned lists. However, this may cause errors to occur - especially
  in EC2 where for example a given realm may be 'at capacity' and not accepting
  any more requests ("please use us-east-1b/1c/1a instead"), or your user creds
  may not allow you to launch a particular image  (again this was seen for ec2).
  If you are hitting errors like this, you can configure a 'preferred'
  image/realm/hardware_profile to use for the instances test. Refer to the 'ec2'
  section of the config.yaml file:

  user: KEY
  password: SECRET_KEY
    image: "ami-2b5fba42"
    hardware_profile: "m1.small"
    realm: "us-east-1b"

You can add this 'preferred' section under any driver in the config.yaml file and
those values will be used in the instances test (and can also be used by other tests
in future). You can also only include only some of those, for example a "image"
 but not a "hardware_profile".

   |----->config.yaml                       the tests config file
   |----->Rakefile                          rake routes for running tests
   |--D-->deprecated                        'old' cuke tests - for reference
   |--D-->deltacloud                        tests for the deltacloud API - idea
      |                                     is for test directories to be added
      |                                     for CIMI and EC2 frontends
      |-----> test_setup.rb                 loads configuration, wrappers for
      |                                     RestClient methods (get/put/post
      |                                     etc) and mini DSL - like
      |                                     need_collection/need_feature.
      |-----> base_api_test.rb              tests for the API itself
      |-----> common_tests_collections.rb   common tests that are executed
      |                                     for all collections
      |-----> instances_test.rb             tests for instances collection
      |-----> images_test.rb                tests for images collection
      |... etc for all the collections