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Project Status
"Derby" began as a snapshot of the IBM's Cloudscape Java relational database. IBM
contributed the code to The Apache Software Foundation and
bases future versions of IBM Cloudscape on the Apache-managed code.
To participate in Derby, you should join the mailing list. Just
send an empty message to
Project info
* As a subproject of the Apache DB project, Derby follows the direction of
the Apache DB PMC. Significant contributions over a sustained
period of time can earn a contributor commit access to the codebase.
Official releases:
* : Released 2014-08-27
* : Released 2014-04-15
* : Released 2013-04-15
* : Released 2012-11-16
* : Released 2012-06-25
* : Released 2011-10-24
* : Released 2011-04-29
* : Released 2010-12-14
* : Released 2010-10-06
* : Released 2010-05-18
* : Released 2009-08-21
* : Released 2009-07-30 (Deprecated)
* : Released 2009-04-28
* : Released 2008-09-05
* : Released 2008-04-24
* : Released 2008-05-12
* : Released 2007-12-10
* : Released 2007-08-10
* : Released 2006-12-19
* : Released 2006-10-02
* : Released 2006-06-30
* : Released 2005-11-18
* : Released 2005-08-03
* : Released 2004-12-06
Release was approved as a release on 2014-08-25, published on 2014-08-26, and announced on 2014-08-27.
Release was approved as a release on 2014-04-11, published on 2014-04-15, and announced on 2014-04-17.
Release was approved as a release on 2013-04-15, published on 2013-04-16, and announced on 2013-04-17.
Release was approved as a release on 2012-11-16, published on 2012-12-13, and announced on 2013-01-30.
Release was approved as a release on 2012-06-21, published on 2012-06-22, and announced on 2012-06-25.
Release was approved as a release on 2011-10-24, published on 2011-10-24, and announced on 2011-10-26.
Release was approved as a release on 2011-04-28, published on 2011-04-29, and announced on 2011-05-02.
Release was approved as a release on 2010-12-13, published on 2010-12-14, and announced on 2010-12-15.
Release was approved as a release on 2010-10-06, published on 2010-10-08, and announced on 2010-10-12.
The community is working on a 10.11.2 maintenance release.
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Status file www
Website www
Mailing list dev
Mailing list users
Source code SVN /repos/asf/db/derby/code/trunk/
Committers jta Jean Anderson (CLA on file)
Committers kahatlen Knut Anders Hatlen (CLA on file)
Committers oyvind Øyvind Bakksjø (CLA on file)
Committers satheesh Satheesh Bandaram (CLA on file)
Committers jboynes Jeremy Boynes (CLA on file)
Committers abrown Army Brown (CLA on file)
Committers coar Ken Coar (CLA on file)
Committers djd Daniel Debrunner (CLA on file)
Committers rhillegas Rick Hillegas (CLA on file)
Committers bernt Bernt M. Johnsen (CLA on file)
Committers andreask Andreas Korneliussen (CLA on file)
Committers kmarsden Katherine Marsden (CLA on file)
Committers mikem Mike Matrigali (CLA on file)
Committers mcintyre Samuel McIntyre (CLA on file)
Committers tmnk Tomohito Nakayama (CLA on file)
Committers bryanpendleton Bryan Pendleton (CLA on file)
Committers fernanda Fernanda Pizzorno (CLA on file)
Committers suresht Suresh Thalamati (CLA on file)
Committers davidvc David Van Couvering (CLA on file)
Committers myrnavl Myrna Van Lunteren (CLA on file)
Committers mamta Mamta Satoor (CLA on file)
Committers scotsmatrix Laura Stewart (CLA on file)
Committers kristwaa Kristian Waagan (CLA on file)
Committers dag Dag H. Wanvik (CLA on file)
Committers oysteing Øystein Grøvlen (CLA on file)
Committers dyre Dyre Tjeldvoll (CLA on file)
Committers chaase3 Camilla Haase (CLA on file)
Committers vnarayanan V Narayanan (CLA on file)
Committers jorgenlo Jørgen Løland (CLA on file)
Committers thomanie Thomas Nielsen (CLA on file)
Committers johnemb John Embretsen (CLA on file)
Committers ole Ole Solberg (CLA on file)
Committers lilywei Lily Wei (CLA on file)
Committers tiago Tiago Espinha (CLA on file)
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