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Apache DirectMemory is a multi layered cache implementation featuring off-heap memory storage (a-la BigMemory)
to enable caching of java objects without degrading jvm performance.
Its main purpose is to act as a second level cache (after a heap based one)
to collect large amounts of data without filling up the java heap and thus avoiding long garbage collection cycles.
Included in the box is a small set of utility classes to easily handle off-heap memory buffers.
You need Apache Maven to build the project. Just use: mvn clean install (you will have jars installed locally in your
local Maven repository.
NOTE: the buildnumber maven plugin which add a maven property with the current svn revision has been configured to work with svn 1.7
Site deployment
* mvn site site:stage-deploy
* mvn scm-publish:publish-scm (optionnal arguments -Dscmpublish.dryRun=false -Dscmpublish.skipCheckin=false -DscmSkipDeletedFiles=true)
shorcut: sh ./
NOTE: site is deployed using the property siteFilePath default value ${user.home}/directmemory-site-deploy, svnpub content is chechout in property scmPubCheckoutDirectory default value ${user.home}/directmemory-site-content
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