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@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)
* SECTION 12. Instructions to run the Apache Fortress Command Console.
* SECTION 13. Instructions to build and test the Apache Fortress samples.
* SECTION 14. Instructions to performance test.
* SECTION 15. Instructions to encrypt LDAP passwords used in config files.
## Document Overview

@@ -867,29 +866,5 @@ ________________________________________________________________________________
This test performs createSession on users. It uses runtime arguments to define behavior:
* size=20 <-- defines the number of users in the test set.

## SECTION 15. Instructions to encrypt LDAP passwords used in config files

If you need the passwords for LDAP service accounts to be encrypted before loading into Fortress properties files you can
use the 'encrypt' ant target.

1. From **FORTRESS_HOME** root folder, enter the following command from a system prompt:

ant encrypt -Dparam1=secret
[echo] Encrypt a value
[java] Encrypted value=wApnJUnuYZRBTF1zQNxX/Q==
Total time: 1 second

2. Copy the hashed value and paste it into the corresponding setting, e.g.:

# This OpenLDAP admin root pass is bound for and was hashed using 'encrypt' target in build.xml:


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