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@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ title: Installing Apache Directory Studio in Eclipse
From workbench menu choose **Help > Install New Software...**.

<center>![Help -> Install New Software...](</center>
![Help -> Install New Software...](

In the opened wizard input `` into the **Work with:** text field and press **Enter**.

@@ -19,57 +19,57 @@ After a while the table below will show the available categories.

Choose **Apache Directory Studio**. You don't need to choose **Apache Directory Studio Dependencies**, the required dependencies will be automatically installed if required. Click **Next**.

<center>![Available Software](</center>
![Available Software](

Review the installation details and click **Next**.

<center>![Install Details](</center>
![Install Details](

Accept the license agreement, Apache Directory Studio is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. Click **Finish**.

<center>![Review Licenses](</center>
![Review Licenses](

Apache Directory Studio plugins are not signed yet, so you have to agree to the warning.


You also have to trust the JCE Code Signing CA.


After installation it is recommended to restart Eclipse.

Next, please specify the Apache Directory Studio update site. Click the **New Remote Site...** button. In the dialog input the following and press **OK**:
Name: **Apache Directory Studio Update Site**
URL: **[](**
Make sure the new update site is checked an press **Finish**.
Now the install manager checks the update site and presents the search results. Select the feature you want to install and click **Next**.
In our example, we have selected the LDAP Browser.
Accept the license agreement, the Apache Directory Studio Browser is distributed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 and click **Next**.
In the next dialog ensure that the Apache Directory Studio features you have choosen are selected (here the LDAP Browser) and click to **Finish**.
Now the install manager loads the necessary files. When download is finished you have to verify the installation, please click to **Install**.
After installation it is recommended to restart the Eclipse workbench.

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