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fortress 2.0.4
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# Fortress News

<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress 2.0.4 Released <em>posted on December 13th, 2019</em></h2>

The Apache Directory Project announces the eleventh release of Fortress - 2.0.4.

This maintenance release contains many bug fixes and enhancements.

The Release notes:

[FC-259] - Fix incorrect setting for bootstrap load script
[FC-268] - gid and uid number duplicates

New Feature
[FC-272] - Batch size limit

[FC-264] - Improve ACL in slapd test
[FC-265] - Delegated Administration Enhancements to Apache Fortress REST
[FC-266] - Delegated Admin - Fix inconsistent service to api mappings.
[FC-267] - New Configuration entity
[FC-269] - Make Fortress ABAC Role Constraint multi tenant
[FC-270] - Bump to LDAP API version 1.0.3
[FC-274] - Upgrade maven plugins and dependencies
[FC-275] - some java doc cleanup

<h2 class="news">Apache Fortress 2.0.3 Released <em>posted on November 12th, 2018</em></h2>

The Apache Directory Project announces the tenth release of Fortress - 2.0.3.

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