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Updated the site for teh Apache LDAP API 2.0.0.AM3 release
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| Version| Download Link | Javadoc & XRef | Date |
| Apache LDAP API 2.0.0.AM2 | [Download]( | [Javadoc](, [Xref]( |03/Sep/2018 |
| Apache LDAP API 2.0.0.AM1 | [Download]( | [Javadoc](, [Xref]( |26/Jul/2018 |

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RewriteRule ^latest$ 1.0.2/
RewriteRule ^latest/(.*)$ 1.0.2/$1

RewriteRule ^latest2$ 2.0.0.AM2/
RewriteRule ^latest2/(.*)$ 2.0.0.AM2/$1
RewriteRule ^latest2$ 2.0.0.AM3/
RewriteRule ^latest2/(.*)$ 2.0.0.AM3/$1
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# News
<h2 class="news">Apache Directory LDAP API 2.0.0.AM3 released <em>posted on May 15th, 2019</em></h2>

The Apache Directory Team is proud to announce the availability of version 2.0.0.AM3 of the Apache Directory LDAP API.

The Apache Directory LDAP API is an ongoing effort to provide an enhanced LDAP API, as a replacement for JNDI and the existing LDAP API (jLdap and Mozilla LDAP API).

This is a schema aware API, with some convenient ways to access a LDAP server. This API is not only targeting the Apache Directory Server, but should work pristine with any LDAP server.

It's also an extensible API : new Controls, schema elements and network layer could be added or used in the near future. It's also OSGi capable.

It contains many fixes (37) and is needed to be able to release ApacheDS and Studio, which contains many important fixes themselves. There are some remaining issues to be fixed, but at this point, we need a release since the last one was cut 8 months ago...

Here is the list of fixed issues:

<b>Bugs :</b>
* [DIRAPI-109](] - Attribute values should be byte[]
* [DIRAPI-117](] - Refactor schema packages to decouple various aspects
* [DIRAPI-162](] - The CachingNormalizer class does not cache anything
* [DIRAPI-239](] - Client API exposes implementation classes of common-pools
* [DIRAPI-271](] - Multi-valued RDN should allow AVAs with same attribute
* [DIRAPI-300](] - Weird batchResponse when batchRequest contains grammar error
* [DIRAPI-301](] - Ldaps connection trusts all certificates
* [DIRAPI-302](] - DefaultAttribute NPE
* [DIRAPI-303](] - If and else-if branches has the same condition
* [DIRAPI-305](] - The SyncInfoValue element is not a control
* [DIRAPI-309](] - NoD extended operation is not properly implemented
* [DIRAPI-314](] - StartTLS operation is not correctly handled
* [DIRAPI-317](] - Non thread-safe tests could lead to errors while running them
* [DIRAPI-321](] - The ExtendedResponse message does not carry any value when sent back
* [DIRAPI-323](] - Decoding extended operations which require a value isn't enforcing the value to be present
* [DIRAPI-326](] - Schema Import - ERR_13215_VALUE_EXPECT_STRING
* [DIRAPI-332](] - Add missing hashcode method for Schema objects
* [DIRAPI-336](] - GeneralizedTime issue with timezone when DST is applied


* [DIRAPI-99](] - Build CLI wrapper around the API
* [DIRAPI-276](] - RDN normalization is under efficient
* [DIRAPI-277](] - Update commons pool implementation Unassigned Resolved
* [DIRAPI-310](] - We most certainly don't need a Queue in operation futures
* [DIRAPI-311](] - Add RFC 5805 extended operation support
* [DIRAPI-312](] - Add an explaination after the log error and message numbers
* [DIRAPI-315](] - Create a faster Schema parser
* [DIRAPI-322](] - Use a TLS buffer to encode requests and responses
* [DIRAPI-325](] - The Asn1Decoder class is not stateless
* [DIRAPI-330](] - Improve TLS handshake error handling
* [DIRAPI-331](] - Remove the Decorators
* [DIRAPI-338](] - Implement RFC 4525
* [DIRAPI-340](] - uniqueMemberComparator does not compare DN properly


* [DIRAPI-306](] - Add a Control[] parameter in operations, like what we have for lookup()


* [DIRAPI-74](] - Complete the API documentation
* [DIRAPI-304](] - Add support for the Microsoft AD extended control Policy Hints (1.2.840.113556.1.4.2239)

<b>Dependency updates:</b>

* [DIRAPI-313](] - SCM Pointing to SVN instead of GitBox
* [DIRAPI-324](] - commons-lang and commons-collections need to be updated to most recent versions
* [DIRAPI-333](] - Switch to Junit 5

Downloads are available [here](downloads-2.html) and the User's Guide is [there](user-guide.html)

# News
<h2 class="news">Apache Directory LDAP API 1.0.3 released <em>posted on April 19th, 2019</em></h2>

@@ -11,7 +82,7 @@ It's also an extensible API : new Controls, schema elements and network layer co

This is a bug fix release that fixes an issue when using _MINA 2.1.1_ version: a _SSL/TLS_ connection would stall because we were waiting on an event that _MINA 2.1.1_ would never produced.

Downloads are available [here](downloads-2.html) and the User's Guide is [there](user-guide.html)
Downloads are available [here](downloads-1.html) and the User's Guide is [there](user-guide.html)

# News
<h2 class="news">Apache Directory LDAP API 2.0.0.AM2 released <em>posted on September 3rd, 2018</em></h2>
@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ apacheds/gen-docs/2.0.0-M2

@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ td {font-size: 12px;}

<div class="download-link">
<a href="api/downloads-2.html" class="download_badge_api"><b>Download Apache<br>LDAP API 2.0.0.AM2</b></a>
<a href="api/downloads-2.html" class="download_badge_api"><b>Download Apache<br>LDAP API 2.0.0.AM3</b></a>

<div class="separator">&nbsp;</div>
@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ package path;

# Versions (for download links)
our $version_api = "1.0.3";
our $version_api2 = "2.0.0.AM2";
our $version_api2 = "2.0.0.AM3";
our $version_apacheds = "2.0.0.AM25";
our $version_studio = "2.0.0.v20180908-M14";
our $version_studio_name = "2.0.0-M14";

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