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remove license file about the dependency which scope is test
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@@ -13,3 +13,16 @@ If we are running on the server deployment. Because the plug-ins are in the corr
However, when we develop locally in IDE, we have no plug-ins dir and no plug-ins jar file . If we want to test and debug the plugin code, we need add the plugin module to the pom.xml of alert module ,But this violates the original intention of SPI. So we can`t add the plug-in module to the alert module as a dependency, So there will be a problem that the alert module cannot find the plug-in classes.
With this maven plug-in, by scanning the pom file of the project ,The pluginloader can find the module identified by <package>dolphinscheduler-plugin</package>, then can load this module`s class files and its dependent third-party jars from the target/classes dir of the plug-in module. This will debug locally

### How to Build

mvn clean install


target/apache-dolphinscheduler-maven-plugin-incubating-${latest.release.version} Source code package
@@ -25,8 +25,9 @@ javolution (
This product includes software developed by
Rome (


aether-core NOTICE
aether-api NOTICE


This file was deleted.

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