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@@ -14,6 +14,12 @@ However, when we develop locally in IDE, we have no plug-ins dir and no plug-ins
With this maven plug-in, by scanning the pom file of the project ,The pluginloader can find the module identified by <package>dolphinscheduler-plugin</package>, then can load this module`s class files and its dependent third-party jars from the target/classes dir of the plug-in module. This will debug locally

### How to build

`mvn clean package`

And then you can found apache-dolphinscheduler-maven-plugin-incubating-${RELEASE.VERSION}-bin.tar.gz in the target dir.

### How to verify the release candidate

1. Download the apache-dolphinscheduler-maven-plugin-incubating-${RELEASE.VERSION}-bin.tar.gz file from `the release candidates` (it will be provided in the vote email).

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