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rollback the release of, it not a right way to release a vers…
…ion in apache way
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## Current Release
These is not an official Apache release version of Doris. We still have some works to do to release a real Apache version.
But this does not affect the use of this release version in a production environment.
#### Download:
* [palo-]( [213.5MB]
* source code is associate with commit `e453fc`
#### Change Log
1. Added:
* Using MAVEN instead of ANT to build Frontend and Apache HDFS broker project.
* Add 2 new proc '/current\_queries' and '/current\_backend\_instances' to monitor the current running queries.
* Add a manual compaction api on Backend to trigger cumulative and base compaction manually.
* Add Frontend config 'max\_bytes\_per\_broker\_scanner' to limit the loading bytes per one broker scanner. This is to limit the memory cost of a single broker load job.
* Add Frontend config 'max\_unfinished\_load\_job' to limit load job number. If number of running load jobs exceed the limit, no more load job is allowed to be submmitted.
* Exposure backend info to user when encounter errors on Backend, for debugging it more convenient.
* Add 3 new metrics of Backends: host\_fd\_metrics, process\_fd\_metrics and process\_thread\_metrics, to monitor open files number and threads number.
* Support getting column size and precision info of table or view using JDBC.
2. Updated:
* Hide password and other sensitive information in fe.log and fe.audit.log.
* Change the promethues type name 'GAUGE' to lowercase, to fit the latest promethues version.
* Backend ip saved in FE will be compared with BE's local ip when heartbeating, to avoid false positive heartbeat response.
* Using version\_num of tablet instead of calculating nice value to select cumulative compaction candicates.
3. Fixed
* Fix privilege logic error:
1. No one can set root password expect for root user itself.
2. NODE\_PRIV cannot be granted.
3. ADMIN\_PRIV and GRANT\_PRIV can only be granted or revoked on \*.\*.
4. No one can modifly privs of default role 'operator' and 'admin'.
5. No user can be granted to role 'operator'.
* Missing password and auth check when handling mini load request in Frontend.
* DomainResolver should start after Frontend transfering to a certain ROLE, not in Catalog construction methods.
* Fix a bug that read null data twice:
When reading data with a null value, in some cases, the same data will be read twice by the storage engine,
resulting in a wrong result. The reason for this problem is that when splitting,
and the start key is the minimum value, the data with null is read.
* Fixed a mem leak of using ByteBuf when parsing auth info of http request.
* Backend process should crash if failed to saving tablet's header.
* Should remove fd from map when input stream or output stream is closed in Broker process.
* Predicates should not be pushed down to subquery which contains limit clause.
* Fix the formula of calculating BE load score.
* Fix a bug that in some edge cases, non-master Fontend may wait for a unnecessary long timeout after forwarding cmd to Master FE.
* Fix a bug that granting privs on more than one table does not work.
* Support 'Insert into' table which contains HLL columns.
* ExportStmt's toSql() method may throw NullPointer Exception if table does not exist.
* Remove unnecessary 'get capacity' operation to avoid IO impact.
#### Compatibility
This release version support rolling upgrade ONLY from 0.8.2.
The compatibility is same as 0.8.2.
Comming soon...
## History Release
### 0.8.2
### 0.8.2 (20180824)
#### Download

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