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[style](java) format fe code with some check rules (#9460)
Issue Number: close #9403 

set below rules' severity to error and format code according check info.
a. Merge conflicts unresolved
b. Avoid using corresponding octal or Unicode escape
c. Avoid Escaped Unicode Characters
d. No Line Wrap
e. Package Name
f. Type Name
g. Annotation Location
h. Interface Type Parameter
i. CatchParameterName
j. Pattern Variable Name
k. Record Component Name
l. Record Type Parameter Name
m. Method Type Parameter Name
n. Redundant Import
o. Custom Import Order
p. Unused Imports
q. Avoid Star Import
r. tab character in file
s. Newline At End Of File
t. Trailing whitespace found
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morrySnow committed May 12, 2022
1 parent 86c9227 commit 8a0097cfb932c0ff480ff1472009d597036a938b
Showing 1,096 changed files with 3,659 additions and 4,481 deletions.