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Commits on Aug 4, 2015
  1. @sudheeshkatkam @jaltekruse

    DRILL-3122: Ignore OptionType for option status

    sudheeshkatkam authored jaltekruse committed
  2. @adeneche @jaltekruse

    DRILL-3354: TestBuilder can check if the number of result batches equ…

    adeneche authored jaltekruse committed
    …als some expected value
  3. @jaltekruse
  4. @sudheeshkatkam @jaltekruse

    DRILL-3341: Avoid recomputing stats in ProfileWrapper

    sudheeshkatkam authored jaltekruse committed
    + Small optimizations and comments in OperatorWrapper and FragmentWrapper
    + Comparator renames for consistency
    + Move TableBuilder#toString logic to TableBuilder#build
    + Incorrect field names in profile page for failed queries
  5. @dsbos @jaltekruse

    DRILL-3496: Updates from review comments

    dsbos authored jaltekruse committed
    DRILL-3496: Update: Multiple log msgs. -> single, aligned multi-line message.
    Main: Changed avoidance of original single hard-to-read list from
    first draft's multiple single-item log calls (resulting in multiple log
    calls/entries) to single log call with aligned multi-line message.
    Also revised message wording, etc.
    DRILL-3496: Update 2: Some DEBUG -> INFO; another single multi-line msg.
    - logger.debug(...) -> for config. file messages
    - changed drill-module.conf to single multi-line message like
      scanForImplementations cases
    DRILL-3496: Update 3:  Various review comment responses.
    - Removed isTraceEnabled/etc. guards.
    - Simplified logging line break/indentation code.
    - Added some more "final".
    - Undid logger cleanup. :-(
  6. @dsbos @jaltekruse

    DRILL-3496: Augment logging in DrillConfig and classpath scanning.

    dsbos authored jaltekruse committed
    Main: Added and augmented logging calls.
    Code Hygiene:
    - Added/revised doc. comments, code comments.
    - Renamed some locals.
    - Added "final".
    - Wrapped lines.
    Also fixed currentTimeMillis -> Stopwatch in Drillbit.
  7. @dsbos @jaltekruse

    DRILL-2815: Augment PathScanner logging; clean up code.

    dsbos authored jaltekruse committed
    Added some DEBUG- and TRACE-level log calls.
    Augmented/edited existing log call.
    Misc. code hygiene:
    - Added documentation of forResources(...).
    - Renamed to clarify a number of local names.
    - Made logger private.
    - Added "final".
    - Fixed indentation; wrapped some long lines; etc.
Commits on Aug 2, 2015
  1. @hsuanyi
Commits on Jul 31, 2015
  1. @mehant

    DRILL-3121: Add support for interpreter based partition pruning for H…

    mehant authored
    …ive tables.
    Remove the old partition pruning logic.
  2. @mehant

    DRILL-3503: Make PruneScanRule pluggable.

    mehant authored
    Extend PartitionDescriptor to provide functionality needed by PruneScanRule.
    Removed redundant logic in PruneScanRule.
  3. @mehant
  4. @mehant

    DRILL-3500: Add OptimizerRulesContext which exposes information neede…

    mehant authored
    …d by storage plugin specific optimizer rules
    Add FunctionLookupContext to enable materializing function calls without having access to the entire function registry
  5. @dsbos @mehant

    DRILL-3151: Fix many ResultSetMetaData method return values.

    dsbos authored mehant committed
    Added ~unit test for ResultSetMetaData implementation.
    Made getObject return classes available to implementation of getColumnClassName:
    - Added SqlAccessor.getObjectClass() (to put that metadata right next to code
      to which it corresponds rather than in far-away parallel code).
    - Added similar AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor.getObjectClass().
    - Changed DrillAccessorList.accessors from Accessor[] to
      AvaticaDrillSqlAccessor[] for better access to JDBC getObject return class.
    - Extracted return classes from accessors to pass to updateColumnMetaData.
    Reworked some data type mapping and utilities:
    - Added Added Types.getSqlTypeName(...).
    - Renamed Types.getJdbcType(...) to getJdbcTypeCode(...)
    - Replaced Types.isUnSigned with isJdbcSignedType.
    - Fixed various bogus RPC-type XXX -> java.sql.Types.SMALLINT mappings.
    - Removed DrillColumnMetaDataList.getJdbcTypeName.
    - Moved getAvaticaType up (for bottom-up order).
    - Revised DrillColumnMetaDataList.getAvaticaType(...).
    - Updated updateColumnMetaData(...) to change many calculations of metadata
      input to ColumnMetaData construction.  [DrillColumnMetaDataList]
    Updated other metadata tests per changes.
Commits on Jul 29, 2015
  1. @StevenMPhillips

    DRILL-3476: Merge paths in FieldSelection

    StevenMPhillips authored
  2. @StevenMPhillips

    DRILL-3353: Fix dropping nested fields

    StevenMPhillips authored
    Use the SchemaChangeCallBack in more places to track schema changes
    Reset the ephemeral transfer pair when making a new transfer pair for Map or RepeatedMap
  3. @amansinha100
Commits on Jul 28, 2015
  1. @amansinha100

    DRILL-2949: Fix CannotPlanException for TPC-DS 1 and 30 (Fix is CALCI…

    amansinha100 authored
    …TE-714) by pushing join condition into subquery when de-correlating.
    Added unit test.
Commits on Jul 27, 2015
  1. @hsuanyi

    DRILL-3537: Whe scanning files in ScanBatch, ignore all the empty fil…

    hsuanyi authored Parth Chandra committed
    …es before reach a non-empty file
Commits on Jul 23, 2015
  1. @jinfengni
Commits on Jul 21, 2015
  1. @jinfengni
Commits on Jul 16, 2015
  1. @dsbos @jaltekruse

    DRILL-3483: Clarify CommonConstants' constants. [CommonConstants, Dri…

    dsbos authored jaltekruse committed
    …llConfig, PathScanner]
    Renamed constants.
    Documented constants.
    Removed extraneous "public static final" (redudant and abnormal since in interface).
    Edit: Unwrapped a no-longer-long line.
    closes #88
  2. @jaltekruse

    DRILL-1904 - Part 1: (Build fix) Spaces at the end of lines in docs c…

    jaltekruse authored
    …aused a check style violation
  3. @jaltekruse

    DRILL-1904 - Part 1: Package level docs for the common module and a f…

    jaltekruse authored
    …ew packages in exec.
    Fix line wrapping on package level docs to standardize at 80 character wrap.
    Patch updated to address review comments.
    Patch updated again to address Sudheesh's review comments.
Commits on Jul 13, 2015
  1. @jinfengni

    DRILL-3156: Fix Calcite trace by registering RelMetadataProvider with…

    jinfengni authored
    … HepPlanner used for window function planning.
  2. @hsuanyi @amansinha100

    DRILL-3189: Disable disallow partial in Over-Clause

    hsuanyi authored amansinha100 committed
Commits on Jul 10, 2015
  1. DRILL-2862: Convert_to/Convert_From throw assertion when an incorrect…

    Parth Chandra authored
    … encoding type is specified
Commits on Jul 9, 2015
  1. @adeneche

    DRILL-3133: MergingRecordBatch can leak memory if query is canceled b…

    adeneche authored
    …efore batches in rawBatches were loaded
  2. @jinfengni

    DRILL-2053: Fix incorrect query result when join CTE, by making Proje…

    jinfengni authored
    …ct operator use case-insensitive matching for columns in input data stream.
  3. @jinfengni

    DRILL-2802: Ensure project the right columns in the final query resul…

    jinfengni authored
    …t in query logical planning.
  4. @jinfengni

    DRILL-3463: Unit test of project pushdown in TestUnionAll should veri…

    jinfengni authored
    …fy proper plan attributes in expected plan result.
Commits on Jul 8, 2015
  1. @hnfgns
  2. @hsuanyi @amansinha100

    DRILL-3292: At the stage of converting Prel to Pop (planning phase), …

    hsuanyi authored amansinha100 committed
    …ensure constants in Window are converted to LogicalExpression
  3. @mehant
Commits on Jul 7, 2015
  1. @sudheeshkatkam

    DRILL-3450: Moved methods from AbstractStatusReporter and NonRootStat…

    sudheeshkatkam authored
    …usReporter to FragmentStatusReporter
    + Removed StatusReporter interface
    + Refactored FragmentStatusReporter
Commits on Jul 6, 2015
  1. @adeneche @hnfgns

    DRILL-3445: BufferAllocator.buffer() implementations should throw an …

    adeneche authored hnfgns committed
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