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Package kinesis client jar within the extension (#12370)
amazon-kinesis-client was not covered undered the apache license and required separate insertion in the kinesis extension.
This can now be avoided since it is covered, and including it within druid helps prevent incompatibilities.

Allows enabling of deaggregation out of the box by packaging amazon-kinesis-client (1.14.4) with druid for kinesis ingestion.
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AmatyaAvadhanula committed Apr 4, 2022
1 parent 9849047 commit 067254b7782cad0b27abf5815771981a4fcf3cda
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@@ -572,12 +572,9 @@ determines the number of records to be processed per each ingestion loop in the
See [issue](

The Kinesis indexing service supports de-aggregation of multiple rows packed into a single record by the Kinesis
Producer Library's aggregate method for more efficient data transfer. Currently, enabling the de-aggregate functionality
requires the user to manually provide the Kinesis Client Library on the classpath, since this library has a license not
compatible with Apache projects.
Producer Library's aggregate method for more efficient data transfer.

To enable this feature, add the `amazon-kinesis-client` (tested on version `1.9.2`) jar file ([link]( under `dist/druid/extensions/druid-kinesis-indexing-service/`.
Then when submitting a supervisor-spec, set `deaggregate` to true.
To enable this feature, set `deaggregate` to true when submitting a supervisor-spec.

## Resharding

@@ -134,8 +134,17 @@

<!-- Tests -->
@@ -3479,6 +3479,16 @@ libraries:


name: Kinesis Client
license_category: binary
version: 1.14.4
module: extensions/druid-kinesis-indexing-service
license_name: Apache License version 2.0
- com.amazonaws: amazon-kinesis-client


name: Kafka Client
version: 5.5.1-ccs
license_category: binary

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