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@jon-wei jon-wei released this Dec 11, 2019 · 1 commit to 0.16.1-incubating since this release

Apache Druid 0.16.1-incubating is a bug fix and user experience improvement release that fixes a rolling upgrade issue, improves the startup scripts, and updates licensing information.

Bug Fixes
#8682 implement FiniteFirehoseFactory in InlineFirehose
#8905 Retrying with a backward compatible task type on unknown task type error in parallel indexing

User Experience Improvements
#8792 Use bundled ZooKeeper in tutorials.
#8794 Startup scripts: verify Java 8 (exactly), improve port/java verification messages.
#8942 Improve verify-default-ports to check both INADDR_ANY and
#8798 Fix verify script.

Licensing Update
#8944 Add license for tutorial wiki data
#8968 Add licenses.yaml entry for Wikipedia sample data

#8419 Bump Apache Thrift to 0.10.0

Updating from 0.16.0-incubating and earlier

PR #8905 fixes an issue with rolling upgrades when updating from earlier versions.
Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!


Apache Druid (incubating) is an effort undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), sponsored by the Apache Incubator. Incubation is required of all newly accepted projects until a further review indicates that the infrastructure, communications, and decision making process have stabilized in a manner consistent with other successful ASF projects. While incubation status is not necessarily a reflection of the completeness or stability of the code, it does indicate that the project has yet to be fully endorsed by the ASF.

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