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Sync update and bump version to 0.1.1
Signed-off-by: Eric Zhao <>
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sczyh30 committed Aug 9, 2018
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# Sentinel Dubbo Adapter

> Note: 中文文档请见[此处](。
Sentinel Dubbo Adapter provides service consumer filter and provider filter
for [Dubbo]( services.

@@ -51,3 +53,13 @@ so developers should manually put the application name into *attachment* at cons
then extract it at provider side. Sentinel Dubbo Adapter has implemented a filter (`DubboAppContextFilter`)
where consumer can carry application name information to provider automatically.
If the consumer does not use Sentinel Dubbo Adapter but requires flow control based on caller, developers can manually put the application name into attachment with the key `dubboApplication`.
## Global fallback

Since version 0.1.1, Sentinel Dubbo Adapter supports global fallback configuration.
The global fallback will handle exceptions and give replacement result when blocked by
flow control, degrade or system load protection. You can implement your own `DubboFallback` interface
and then register to `DubboFallbackRegistry`. If no fallback is configured, Sentinel will wrap the `BlockException`
then directly throw it out.

Besides, we can also leverage [Dubbo mock mechanism](!/docs/user/demos/ to provide fallback implementation of degraded Dubbo services.
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* @author Eric Zhao
* @since 0.1.1
public class DefaultDubboFallback implements DubboFallback {

@@ -24,6 +24,7 @@
* Fallback handler for Dubbo services.
* @author Eric Zhao
* @since 0.1.1
public interface DubboFallback {

@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
* give fallback result in most circumstances.
* @author Eric Zhao
* @since 0.1.1
public final class DubboFallbackRegistry {

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