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Apache Dubbo Spring Boot Project

This repo has been archived. All of the implements have been moved to apache/dubbo.

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Apache Dubbo Spring Boot Project makes it easy to create Spring Boot application using Dubbo as RPC Framework. What's more, it also provides:

Apache Dubbo |ˈdʌbəʊ| is a high-performance, light weight, java based RPC framework. Dubbo offers three key functionalities, which include interface based remote call, fault tolerance & load balancing, and automatic service registration & discovery.

Released version

You can introduce the latest dubbo-spring-boot-starter to your project by adding the following dependency to your pom.xml

        <!-- Spring Boot -->

        <!-- Apache Dubbo  -->

    <!-- Dubbo Spring Boot Starter -->

If your project failed to resolve the dependency, try to add the following repository:

        <name>Apache Development Snapshot Repository</name>

Legacy Versions

If you still use the legacy Dubbo whose version is less than 2.7.0, please use the following Spring Boot starters:

Dubbo Spring Boot Dubbo Spring Boot
0.2.1.RELEASE 2.6.5+ 2.x
0.1.2.RELEASE 2.6.5+ 1.x

Build from Source

If you'd like to attempt to experience the latest features, you also can build from the source code as follow:

  1. Maven install current project in your local repository.

Maven install = mvn install

Getting Started

If you don't know about Dubbo, please take a few minutes to learn After that you could dive deep into dubbo user guide.

Usually, There are two usage scenarios for Dubbo applications, one is Dubbo service(s) provider, another is Dubbo service(s) consumer, thus let's get a quick start on them.

First of all, we suppose an interface as Dubbo RPC API that a service provider exports and a service client consumes:

public interface DemoService {

    String sayHello(String name);


Dubbo service(s) provider

  1. Service Provider implements DemoService

    @DubboService(version = "1.0.0")
    public class DefaultDemoService implements DemoService {
         * The default value of ${} is ${}
        private String serviceName;
        public String sayHello(String name) {
            return String.format("[%s] : Hello, %s", serviceName, name);
  2. Provides a bootstrap class

    public class DubboProviderDemo {
        public static void main(String[] args) {
  3. Configures the

    # Spring boot application
    # Base packages to scan Dubbo Component: @org.apache.dubbo.config.annotation.Service
    # Dubbo Application
    ## The default value of is ${}
    # Dubbo Protocol
    ## Dubbo Registry

Dubbo service(s) consumer

  1. Service consumer also provides a bootstrap class to reference DemoService

    public class DubboAutoConfigurationConsumerBootstrap {
        private final Logger logger = LoggerFactory.getLogger(getClass());
        @DubboReference(version = "1.0.0", url = "dubbo://")
        private DemoService demoService;
        public static void main(String[] args) {
        public ApplicationRunner runner() {
            return args -> {
  2. configures application.yml

        name: dubbo-auto-configure-consumer-sample

If DubboProviderDemo works well, please make sure DubboProviderDemo is started.

More details, please refer to Samples.

Getting help

Having trouble with Dubbo Spring Boot? We’d like to help!

Building from Source

If you want to try out the latest features of Dubbo Spring Boot, it can be easily built with the maven wrapper. Your JDK is 1.8 or above.

$ ./mvnw clean install


There are some modules in Apache Dubbo Spring Boot Project, let's take a look at below overview:

The main usage of dubbo-spring-boot-parent is providing dependencies management for other modules.

dubbo-spring-boot-autoconfigure uses Spring Boot's @EnableAutoConfiguration which helps core Dubbo's components to be auto-configured by DubboAutoConfiguration. It reduces code, eliminates XML configuration.

dubbo-spring-boot-actuator provides production-ready features (e.g., health checks, endpoints, and externalized configuration).

dubbo-spring-boot-starter is a standard Spring Boot Starter, which contains dubbo-spring-boot-autoconfigure and dubbo-spring-boot-actuator. It will be imported into your application directly.

The samples project of Dubbo Spring Boot that includes:


Apache Dubbo spring boot project is under the Apache 2.0 license. See the LICENSE file for details.