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chickenlj committed Jul 25, 2021
1 parent 60d9fe3 commit fb843a1446e5d59d7c277cd17f285b1f0805fe06
Showing 1 changed file with 1 addition and 19 deletions.
@@ -84,21 +84,12 @@ guessSyntax = "true"

copyright = "The Apache Software Foundation. Apache and the Apache feather logo are trademarks of The Apache Software Foundation."
#privacy_policy = ""

# Google Custom Search Engine ID. Remove or comment out to disable search.
#gcs_engine_id = "011737558837375720776:fsdu1nryfng"

# Enable Algolia DocSearch
algolia_docsearch = true
# Enable Lunr.js offline search
offlineSearch = false

# First one is picked as the Twitter card image if not set on page.
# images = ["images/project-illustration.png"]

version = "v3.0"

# Add your release versions here
version = "v3.0 (latest)"
@@ -108,17 +99,8 @@ version = "v3.0"
version = "v2.x"
url = ""

# Menu title if your navbar has a versions selector to access old versions of your site.
# This menu appears only if you have at least one [params.versions] set.
version_menu = "v3.0 (latest)"

# Flag used in the "version-banner" partial to decide whether to display a
# banner on every page indicating that this is an archived version of the docs.
# Set this flag to "true" if you want to display the banner.
version = "v3.0"
archived_version = false

# A link to latest version of the docs. Used in the "version-banner" partial to
# point people to the main doc site.
url_latest_version = ""

# Repository configuration (URLs for in-page links to opening issues and suggesting changes)

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