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@chickenlj chickenlj released this Dec 29, 2019


  • Support HTTP/2 through gRPC, offers all features supported by HTTP/2 and gRPC
    • Stream communication: client stream, server stream and bi-stream.
    • Reactive stream style RPC call.
    • Back pressure based on HTTP/2 flow-control mechanism.
    • TLS secure transport layer.
    • Define service using IDL
  • Protobuf support for native Dubbo
    • Define service using IDL
    • Protobuf serialization
  • TLS for netty4 server
  • New SPI for dynamically adding extra parameters into provider URL, especially env parameters.
  • [BETA] Brand new Service Discovery mechanism: Service Reflection - instance (application) level service discovery.
  • [BETA] Brand new API for bootstraping Dubbo projects

Performance Tuning

  • Overall performance improved by nearly 30% compared to v2.7.3 (by QPS in certain circumstances)
  • Improved consumer side thread model to avoid thread allocation and context switch, especially useful for services serving big traffic.


  • Load balance strategy among multiple registries:
    • Preferred
    • Same zone first
    • Weighted LB
    • The first one available
  • New callback SPI for receiving address change notifications
  • Refactoring of config module


check 2.7.5 milestone for details.

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