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doc: update issue text, add email info
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Ovilia committed Aug 22, 2019
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@@ -13,6 +13,10 @@ The average response time is expected to be within one day for weekdays.
In the meanwhile, please make sure that **you have posted enough image to demo your request**. You may also check out the [API]( and [chart option]( to get the answer.
If you don't get helped for a long time (over a week) or have an urgent question to ask, you may also send an email to .
If you are interested in the project, you may also subscribe our [mail list](
Have a nice day! 🍵`;

@@ -38,7 +42,7 @@ You may send an email to to subscribe our devel
const PR_NOT_MERGED = `I'm sorry your PR didn't get merged. Don't get frustrated. Maybe next time. 😛`

`Sorry, but please ask *how-to* questions on [Stack Overflow]( or [segmentfault(中文)](
`Sorry, but please ask *how-to* questions on [Stack Overflow]( or [segmentfault(中文)]( You may also send an email about your question to if you like.
Here's why:

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