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h2#ask-questions General Questions
h3 What to do if you have technical problem?
p 1)It is recommended that you read the navigation on the left side of the <a href="">option manual</a> before you ask questions. In the option manual, you can find out what configuration items does ECharts have. And you can find under the relevant components whether there are configuration items that can implement the functions you need.
p 2)Broswe FAQ questions on this page.
p 2)Browse FAQ questions on this page.
p 3)Create a simple example to reproduce your problem on <a href="">ECharts Gallery</a>. If you can't use the code to describe the requirements, you can try to provide a design draft or draw a sketch.
p 4)Paste the link when you ask questions on <a href="">stackoverflow</a>, <a href="">OSCHINA</a> or <a href=""></a> and etc. Plaes attach the example link.

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