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--- Subject: ---
[RESULTS] [VOTE] Release Apache ECharts 4.8.0 (release candidate 1)
[RESULTS] [VOTE] Release Apache ECharts 5.0.1 (release candidate 1)

This vote passes with 4 [+1] votes (3 bindings) and no [0] or [-1] votes.

This vote passes with 5 [+1] votes (4 bindings) and no [0] or [-1] votes.

+1 Zhang Wenli (Ovilia) (binding)
+1 Wang Zhongxiang (binding)
+1 Ovilia (binding)
+1 Shen Yi (binding)
+1 Huang Yixiu
+1 Su Siwen (binding)
+1 Sheng Wu (binding)
+1 Quill Qian

Vote thread:

I'll continue with the release process on general@ and the release
announcement will follow in the next few days.

I'm going to release the source release of Apache ECharts 5.0.1.
Thank you all for making this happen!
@@ -11,19 +11,19 @@
I am pleased to be calling this vote for the release of {{ECHARTS_RELEASE_VERSION_FULL_NAME}}.

The release candidate to be voted over is available at:{{ECHARTS_RELEASE_VERSION}}/{{ECHARTS_RELEASE_VERSION}}/

The release candidate is signed with a GPG key available at:

The Git commit for this release is:;a=commit;h={{ECHARTS_RELEASE_COMMIT}};a=commit;h={{ECHARTS_RELEASE_COMMIT}}



Please vote on releasing this package as:
@@ -35,6 +35,3 @@ by "{{VOTE_UNTIL}}".

Anyone can participate in testing and voting, not just committers, please
feel free to try out the release candidate and provide your votes.

A checklist for reference:

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