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@100pah 100pah released this Nov 8, 2017 · 3814 commits to master since this release

NOTE: This is a Non-Apache Release


  • [+] Supported Tree Chart, including horizontal layout, vertical layout, radial layout.

  • [+] Supported SVG Renderer (beta), enable developers to choose SVG or Canvas renderer based on their platfroms and functional requirments.

  • [+] Source code of echarts has been switched to ES Module, which enabled tree shaking of bundle and reduced size.

  • [+] Supported build scripts for creating custom build, including multiple language support. See custom build tutorial. And added Finnish support, which is contributed by xvaara in PR #6863.

  • [+] Supported axis arrow. See #6675.

  • [+] Supported strokeWidth and strokeColor in treemap. See #6804.

  • [+] Supported show adjacent nodes in graph. See #6772.

  • [^] Fixed the area calculation when grid.containLabel is true and axis is rotated. Thanks xvaara for PR #6951.

  • [^] Fixed that the calculation of interval is not incorrect when axisLabel.rotate is set in category axis. See #4170. Thankslanyuechen for PR #6903.

  • [^] Fixed the negative problem in dataTool.prepareBoxplotData. Thanks d-rudolf for PR #6749.

  • [^] Enhanced the label interval of time axis. Thanks xiaoshan00 for PR #6808.

  • [^] Supported radiusAxis.inverse. See #6805 and #4253.

  • [^] Renamed some variables to avoid webpack special variable name. See #6788.

  • [^] Fixed position problem of scrollable legend. See #6756.

  • [^] Fixed that the themeRiver legend color is incorrect. See #6932.

  • [^] Fixed that brush empty value caused error thrown. See #6892.

  • dist/echarts/echarts.simple.js do not includ utils, which used to be mounted on echarts. dist/echarts/echarts.common.js and dist/echarts/echarts.js keep including them as before. And developers can custom build to include them.

  • Changes about dataTool: When using dist/echarts/echarts.simple.js or dist/echarts/echarts.common.js, dist/echarts/extension/dataTool.js should be manually included as before, but the namespace dataTool will not be mounted to echarts. When using dist/echarts/echarts.js, echarts.dataTool is included automatically by default.

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