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FALCON-2045 Enhance document on registry point in cluster specifictio…
…n for Hive HA mode

Author: yzheng-hortonworks <>

Reviewers: "Balu Vellanki <>"

Closes #197 from yzheng-hortonworks/FALCON-2045

(cherry picked from commit e8d1de3)
Signed-off-by: bvellanki <>
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yzheng-hortonworks authored and bvellanki committed Jun 24, 2016
1 parent b4b32da commit 600b6bcc231b0f5e9516b1b60fa9a93eae4da137
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@@ -52,6 +52,11 @@ A registry interface specifies the interface for metadata catalog, such as Hive
Falcon uses this interface to register/de-register partitions for a given database and table. Also,
uses this information to schedule data availability events based on partitions in the workflow engine.
Although Hive metastore supports both RPC and HTTP, Falcon comes with an implementation for RPC over thrift.
For Hive HA mode, make sure the uris are separated with comma and you only add protocol "thrift://" at the beginning.
See below for an example of Hive HA mode:
<interface type="registry" endpoint="thrift://," version="0.11.0" />

<interface type="messaging" endpoint="tcp://localhost:61616?daemon=true" version="5.4.6" />

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