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FALCON-1934 Document Safemode in Falcon Server
Author: bvellanki <>

Reviewers: "Ying Zheng <>, Venkatesan Ramachandran <>"

Closes #140 from bvellanki/FALCON-1934
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bvellanki committed May 13, 2016
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@@ -91,6 +91,46 @@ Startup property file in both falcon & prism server need to be configured with t

---++++ Prism Setup
<img src="PrismSetup.png" height="400" width="600" />

---+++ Safe Mode
Safemode is useful when the admin wants to prevent Falcon users from scheduling entities in the workflow engine. This can happen when
* Hadoop clusters are being upgraded.
* Falcon cluster entities are being updated.

When in Safemode, users can only perform limited operations. To be specific,
* Users can perform read operations on entities subject to authorization.
* Superuser can perform cluster entity update operation.
* Suspend/Kill of individual instances will be allowed if users want to suspend specific job operations.
* Suspend operation on schedulable entities will be allowed. This is because, a user might want to suspend entities during rolling-upgrade to handle jobs incompatible with updated versions.
* All other operations are not allowed. To enumerate,
* All entity submit, submitAndSchedule operations are not allowed.
* Entity operations not allowed are : update, schedule, touch, delete, submit, submitAndSchedule, resume
* Instance operations not allowed are : rerun, resume

---++++ Getting into/out-of Safemode.
The Falcon process user can specify whether to start Falcon in safemode with the following command:
<falcon-server>/bin/falcon-start -setsafemode <true/false>

A superuser or admin-user can set Falcon server into/outof safemode using CLI or RestAPI. A user is considered superuser if they
owns the Falcon process or belong to group specified in startup property A user is
considered admin user if they are listed under startup property, OR they belong to group
listed under startup property

## CLI
<falcon-server>/bin/falcon admin [-setsafemode <true/false>]

## RestAPI
GET http://falcon-server:15000/api/admin/setSafeMode/true
GET http://falcon-server:15000/api/admin/setSafeMode/false

*NOTE* User can find if FalconServer is in safemode or not, by calling the [[restapi/AdminVersion][Admin Version]] API. Once
server is set to safemode, this state is persisted during restarts. It has to be unset explicitly if user wants to exit safemode.

---+++ Configuration Store
Configuration store is file system based store that the Falcon system maintains where the entity definitions
@@ -102,6 +102,7 @@ $FALCON_HOME/bin/falcon entity -submit -type cluster -file /cluster/definition.x
|[[HelpAdmin][Help]] | Return help options |
|[[VersionAdmin][Version]] | Return current falcon version |
|[[StatusAdmin][Status]] | Return the status of falcon |
|[[SafemodeAdmin][SetSafeMode]] | Set/unset Falcon Server in safemode |


@@ -0,0 +1,10 @@

[[CommonCLI][Common CLI Options]]

When -setsafemode is true, Falcon starts in safemode.
When -setsafemode is false, falcon starts in normal mode.

$FALCON_HOME/bin/falcon admin -setsafemode true/false

@@ -0,0 +1,25 @@
---++ GET /api/admin/setSafeMode/:mode
* <a href="#Description">Description</a>
* <a href="#Parameters">Parameters</a>
* <a href="#Results">Results</a>
* <a href="#Examples">Examples</a>

---++ Description
Set falcon server into/out of safemode.

---++ Parameters
* :mode true/false.
* doAs <optional query param> allows the current user to impersonate the user passed in doAs when interacting with the Falcon system.

---++ Results
The value of FalconSever safemode.

---++ Examples
---+++ Rest Call
GET http://localhost:15000/api/admin/setSafeMode/true
---+++ Result
@@ -29,6 +29,14 @@ GET http://localhost:15000/api/admin/version?doAs=joe
@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ The current version of the rest api's documentation is also hosted on the Falcon
| GET | [[AdminStack][api/admin/stack]] | Get stack of the server |
| GET | [[AdminVersion][api/admin/version]] | Get version of the server |
| GET | [[AdminConfig][api/admin/config/:config-type]] | Get configuration information of the server |
| GET | [[AdminSafemode][api/admin/setSafeMode/:mode]] | Set safemode to true/false in falcon server |

---++ REST Call on Entity Resource

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