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FALCON-1749 Instance status does not show instances if entity is dele…
…ted from one of the colos

Author: Praveen Adlakha <>

Reviewers: @bvellanki, @pallavi-rao

Closes #222 from PraveenAdlakha/1749_V2 and squashes the following commits:

e476a85 [Praveen Adlakha] Pallavi's comment addressed
84e389f [Praveen Adlakha] Comments added for future reference
dbc7e1c [Praveen Adlakha] FALCON-1749 Instance status does not show instances if entity is deleted from one of the colos

(cherry picked from commit 37848ed)
Signed-off-by: Pallavi Rao <>
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PraveenAdlakha authored and Pallavi Rao committed Jul 14, 2016
1 parent 87fbd77 commit a2db9e48eb465dd12cb81406d17cc651111ffadb
Showing 1 changed file with 9 additions and 4 deletions.
@@ -167,13 +167,18 @@ protected Set<String> getApplicableColos(String type, Entity entity) {

Set<String> clusters = EntityUtil.getClustersDefined(entity);
Set<String> colos = new HashSet<String>();
for (String cluster : clusters) {
// Fix for Falcon-1749
EntityType entitytype = EntityType.getEnum(type);
if (entitytype == EntityType.PROCESS || entitytype == EntityType.FEED){
EntityUtil.getEntity(entitytype, entity.getName());
for (String cluster : clusters) {
Cluster clusterEntity = EntityUtil.getEntity(EntityType.CLUSTER, cluster);
} catch (EntityNotRegisteredException e){
LOG.warn(e.getMessage(), e);
}catch (EntityNotRegisteredException e){
LOG.warn(e.getMessage(), e);
if (colos.isEmpty()) {
throw new EntityNotRegisteredException(entity.getName() + " (" + type + ") not found");

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