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FALCON-1957 Documentation on credential provider alias for passwords …
…in startup properties

Also restructured the overview of Falcon security features.

Author: yzheng-hortonworks <>

Reviewers: "Venkat Ranganathan <>, Balu Vellanki <>"

Closes #142 from yzheng-hortonworks/FALCON-1957
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yzheng-hortonworks authored and bvellanki committed May 16, 2016
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---++ Overview

Apache Falcon enforces authentication and authorization which are detailed below. Falcon also
provides transport level security ensuring data confidentiality and integrity.
Apache Falcon provides the following security features:
* Support credential provider alias for passwords used in Falcon server.
* Support authentication to identify proper users.
* Support authorization to specify resource access permission for users or groups.
* Support SSL to provide transport level security for data confidentiality and integrity.

---++ Credential Provider Alias for Passwords
Server-side configuration properties (i.e. contain passwords and other sensitive information.
In addition to specifying properties in plain text, we provide the user an option to use credential provider alias in the property file.

Take SMTP password for example. The user can store the password in a
[[][Hadoop credential provider]]
with the alias name _SMTPPasswordAlias_. In where SMTP password is needed, the user can refer to its
alias name _SMTPPasswordAlias_ instead of providing the real password.

The alias property to be resolved through Hadoop credential provider should have the format:
_credential.provider.alias.for.[property-key]_. For example, for SMTP password.
Falcon server, during the start, will automatically retrieve the real password provided the alias name.

The user can specify the provider path with the property key _credential.provider.path_,
e.g. _credential.provider.path=jceks://file/tmp/test.jceks_.
If not specified, Falcon will use the default Hadoop credential provider path in core-site.xml.

---++ Authentication (User Identity)

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